Student Spotlight: Hayley Schwartz, NBCUniversal

Hayley Schwartz is a Marketing and Business Economics senior who interned with NBCUniversal this summer.

unnamedWhat was a typical day at your internship like?

I was a Marketing Research intern for Telemundo. My job was two-fold, pulling and analyzing data to create sales decks for the ad-sales team and using Nielsen overnight ratings to create reports to support the production team. Each day I would create a daily report for the news production team using the ratings from the previous nights newscast. Then, I would assist with any sales requests from account executives. I attended any internship program events and informational interviews I had scheduled for the day. In my spare time I worked on an extensive research project profiling the Telemundo viewer, analyzing ratings, and proposing an implementation plan to improve ratings.

What are some things you have learned?

I learned the importance of making the most of your internship experience. I went above and beyond to take advantage of office hours with recruiters, do informational interviews, and get to know others in my department and their functions. Although someones job might not be specifically related to what you want to do, all experience is good experience. An internship helps you learn what you want to do, but more importantly it shows you what you don’t want to do. Make friends with other interns, you can learn a lot from each other. Say yes to as may projects and opportunities as you can!

What advice do you have for other interns?

Go for it! So many students can be scared to apply for large companies, especially if they don’t recruit at Eller. Try to find a connection, and if you can’t, go for it anyway! I didn’t have connections at any of the media companies I worked for, so don’t be discouraged. I didn’t get my internship offer until May 15th when I was already home for the summer. It was terrifying, but don’t be afraid to take risks when it comes to your dream internship or job.



Eller Prepares to Make a Difference

By: Leah Wolk, Angel Hernandez and Laura Conn

Love Eller? Love giving back to your community? Love resume builders? Check out Eller Make a Difference Day: two days dedicated to Tucson service projects. Great for community service and resumes! Stay tuned on Suit Up Sundays for more information about how you can be part of the 1200 volunteers who serve the beautiful Tucson community.

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Here is just one of the many organizations in which you could Make a Difference:

Pima Paws for Life


Pima Paws for Life: This no-kill animal shelter rescues cats and dogs and places them in foster homes until they are adopted. Volunteers with Make a Difference Day will be assisting with walking, grooming, and bathing dogs and socializing cats as well as other projects that will greatly help the shelter and animals.

Minneapolis Outreach Trip Report

By: Erica Alitiem, Career Coach

Last semester the PDC Career Coaches visited major US cities on outreach trips to connect with alumni and build relationship for future opportunities for students. This is the first blog in the series.

Company visits: Ryerson, General Mills, US Bank, Ameriprise Financial, Parametric

Minneapolis-St. Paul was recently ranked #3 for being one of the best cities for college graduates. It is home to the most Fortune 500 companies per capita in all of the metro areas in the country, so there are plenty of job opportunities for recent college grads. The Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul also have one of the highest populations of young people between the ages of 20 and 29, making this area an even more appealing place for recent grads.

During my visit to the Twin Cities, I was able to visit a variety of different companies offering tremendous opportunities and career growth to undergrads. Here’s a snap shot of a few:


Ryerson is one of the world’s largest metals distributors (170 years) experiencing domestic (over 90 offices) and international growth. It’s a 4 billion dollar company providing metal for every day products and establishments such as the back of an IPAD/TV/refrigerator, and the McDonald Arches. They work with end users to help make the model, manufacture, and ship over 70,000 different products. Half of Ryerson’s entry level positions are from undergrads in an inside sales position. There is 6 month academy entry in Minneapolis then candidates are transferred with consideration of location. Main campuses are Seattle, Houston, Dallas, Los Angeles, Chicago, North Carolina and Louisiana. Corporate office is in Chicago with 3 regional offices in Minneapolis, Atlanta, and Toronto.

General MillsMost students are aware of General Mills from campus as they hire many graduates in the Business Management Associate position (as well as internships and campus ambassador positions). The first 1-2 years are primarily relationship sales and in the following areas to determine the best fit: Strategy and Planning, Trade, Category Management, Selling to the Customer, People Management. One can expect to move at least twice in the first 5 years and will include HQ (Mpls) at some point as they believe mobility is extremely important in career development. Data analytics and advanced excel skills with a minimum 3.2 GPA are other considered factors. The headquarters has everything an employee would need such as an on-site gym, medical/eye clinic, hair, product store, gift shop, cafeteria, coffee shop. They are moving away from traditional work space and have opened more open and communal space as well as check out desk space and treadmill work stations.

US Bank
USBank, division of Technology and Operation Services, offers a Technology and Operations Internship Program where interns work on assignments and projects that address real world business problems and network with industry professionals. It’s a 8-12 week summer program, in multiple locations of Minneapolis, placement is based upon interest, skill set and current business needs. This program is open to Junior’s moving into senior year, 3.0 GPA, must be eligible to work in the US. Common majors in business: MIS, Finance, Bus Admin (Computer Science, Engineering).  Strong in organizational, analytical, communication, problem solving, teamwork skills. Knowledge of IT environments and related business systems, applications, or infrastructure. Related classroom experience solving complex problems involving multiple technology or systems is helpful.


Ameriprise, a financial services company, is launching additional career opportunities on the west coast. They offer Internships and Full time Opportunities in Phoenix and Las Vegas. In Phoenix, the entry level positions is in Auto/Home/insurance claims and in Las Vegas, they have a large advisor Center. At corporate headquarters in Minneapolis, Ameriprise offers a Leadership Rotational Programs (Finance) plus Rotational Internship Programs and additional opportunities in the following areas: asset management/product distribution, auto/home insurance, corporate communications/community relations, customer service, finance, financial advisor/planning, human resources, insurance/annuities, legal compliance program, marketing, operations, technology. Other large locations are Los Angeles and Plano, Texas. Ameriprise attended their first Career Showcase this past Spring and plan to increase their campus involvement.

 ParametricParametric is a Global Asset Management Company. They have the majority of their people housed in corporate office of Seattle and Minneapolis Investment Center. Due to growth they are building a more aggressive platform (and partnership) for college hiring to be launched within the year. Their biggest need and entry level entry is through Operations and Client Services. Important to have some professional experience (internship), perform lots of research, asking thoughtful questions, grasp how business operates. Good understanding for Office Suite/Excel, organized, passion and values continues learning and growth.

Student Spotlight- Kiara Christopherson, Macy’s

Kiara Christopherson is a marketing senior who interned at Macy’s in NYC this summer.

Kiara ChristophersonWhat was a typical day at your internship like?  For my internship, I was placed into a new area of Macy’s—Macy’s Backstage, which was the new Offprice division.  Because of this, a typical day in my internship would be extremely different than what an intern would be doing in buying at normal Macy’s.  I was involved in buying, but because the stores hadn’t opened yet (they were set to open at the end of August), the buyers of Macy’s Backstage had to acquire product.  So, almost everyday, I would visit various vendors around Manhattan with my supervisor who was buying for the men’s department.  It was such a neat opportunity to see this side of the business and be able to see the negotiation that happened between the vendor and my supervisor.  During these vendor meetings, I helped choose product which really made me feel like I was an asset to the team.  After picking out the product that we wanted, I learned how to input buying orders.  I worked with the Men’s department to fulfill orders as well as the Juniors and Contemporary departments.

What was your favorite part of the internship?  My favorite part of the internship was the location—New York City!  I had never visited before and my parents just shipped me away on a plane all by myself.  But, because I had never been there before, it encouraged me to really become independent and figure everything out on my own.  And, because of this, I believe that’s why I had such an amazing experience.

How did Eller prepare you for your internship?  Eller has totally prepared me for this internship with all of the skills I learned while taking my Business Communications class my first semester in Eller.  I was assigned a project topic with a group of interns and had to prepare a presentation to be given to Macy’s executives.  It was an important part of our internship program because these executives provided the problem, and we had to come up with solutions for the executives on how they should resolve it.

Student Spotlight- Nichelle White, Honeywell

Nichelle White is an MIS senior who interned with Honeywell this summer.

Nichelle WhiteTell us a little bit about how you landed the internship:

I actually found this internship opportunity through Wildcat JobLink and as a little bit of advice for students seeking internships, you should not limit yourself to only the resources offered through Eller. It becomes very easy to stick to the “Eller Island” status and you can over look opportunities offered by Career Services in the Union or in various locations on campus. After applying I spent a week preparing for my interview by researching the company, reaching out to my Career Coach Nancy for ideas on possible intern interview questions, and finally by reaching out to individuals that have interned with Honeywell in the past. I felt as prepared as I could possibly be going into that interview and I am really glad I took the time to study so much.


What was a typical day at your internship like?

A typical day working for Honeywell is very hard to explain because the day was determined primarily on yourself. We were given a lot of freedom and responsibilities in our roles in a way that we were in charge of our own time management to complete assigned projects. If we needed to take extra days to complete assignments we were allowed to do so while being aware that additional work could be assigned at any time. Some days were extremely busy and others were a little lighter but there was always a meeting to go to!


What was your favorite part of the internship?

My favorite part of my internship was conducting a presentation in front of the Vice President to propose an Enterprise wide PPM tool and basically determine how Honeywell was going to spend their money efficiently. I was given the opportunity to meet the Vice President and gain some exposure for myself and prove to him the work that I am capable of. He was very impressed with my presentation and my proposal which later went on to be approved by the President and is now in effect. It was such an amazing opportunity to showcase what I have learned in Eller but to also learn how a Fortune 100 company makes important expensive decisions to benefit the Enterprise.


Student Spotlight- Katie McCallister, Fender Musical Instruments Corporation

Katie McCallister is a Marketing senior who had an internship with Fender Musical Instruments Corporation in Scottsdale, AZ this summer.

unnamedTell us a little bit about how you landed the internship: I landed this internship thanks to my career coach, Marisa Allen (thank you!). I turned to her for advice and help regarding a summer internship, and she told me about the opportunity. I went up to Scottsdale for an in-person interview, and a few weeks later I found out I got the gig!

What is a typical day at your internship like? Every day at my internship was different, and that’s what I loved the most about it. One day I’m meeting with the Human Resources department to talk about the strategic goals of the company, and the next I’m helping train employees on a new information system on a conference call with Europe. No day was the same, and it was awesome to have such a versatile internship experience.

What was your favorite part of the internship? My favorite part of the internship was the exposure to all departments and functions of the company. I got to meet with executives and members of departments all across the business – from marketing and finance to supply chain and R&D. Each week we’d have lunch with a different person and they’d tell us about their role and give us advice for success in general. This took my internship to the next level and really gave me a better understanding of how a company operates as a whole.

What advice you have for other interns? Although everyone says this, it really is up to you to make the most out of your internship. People are more than willing to help – all you have to do is ask. Everyone has something to teach you, and the more questions you ask, the more you’ll learn and be able to take with you to your future experiences.

How has Eller prepared you for your internship? I don’t think I would have been successful in this role if I didn’t have a few Eller courses under my belt already. The basic knowledge I learned in my first semester of Eller about how a business fundamentally works was applied every day and allowed me to participate in intelligent conversations with executives. I found the skills I learned in Business Communications particularly useful. The ability to write and speak professionally is crucial, and I was able to give a presentation to over 30 people, including executives, no sweat.


Student Spotlight: Emily Soltesz, Carolina Herrera

Emily Soltesz is a Finance junior with a minor in Global Business who interned with Carolina Herrera in NYC this summer.


Emily SolteszTell us about how you landed the internship

This summer I worked as a Marketing and Public Relations Intern for Carolina Herrera, who is a designer located in New York City. I received the offer for this internship in a very unconventional way. Last semester I worked as a Student Caller for the University, where I called alumni to connect with them and let them know about our fundraising efforts. One night I talked to an alumni who worked for a well-known fashion magazine publication in New York. We had a great conversation and really made a connection. I told her how it was difficult to find internships going into junior year, because most companies want to hire the incoming seniors because they can offer them positions post-graduation. She offered to send my resume around to her contacts, and I heard from Carolina Herrera soon after. We set up a Skype interview and she offered me the position a few days later.

What has been your favorite part of the internship so far?

My favorite part of the internship was the public relations aspect. I was in constant communication with magazines because I would send them clothing items in time for their photo shoots, and make sure they were returned in time to send them out to the next one.

What are some things you have learned?

Something I learned quickly from having a professional, fast-paced internship is to try to catch on quickly. Not to say that I didn’t ask questions, but paying attention to detail the first time things are explained will make you stand out to your employer.



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Student Spotlight: Cortez Cubillas, NBCUniversal

Cortez Cubillas is a Marketing Junior who had an internship this summer with NBCUniversal in Los Angeles.


CortezTell us a little bit about how you landed the internship

I landed my internship by applying on the NBCUniversal Campus Career page. I have had prior experience in the entertainment industry at Paramount Pictures, so I had a greater chance of receiving a call for an interview. Weeks after I applied, I was called by HR at NBCUniversal asking me if I would be interested in attending an in-person interview. I quickly agreed and they emailed me saying that they would want me to come into the office in Universal City the following Thursday. I am not sure they knew that I lived and went to school in Arizona, but I bought a plane ticket to Los Angeles and I flew out just for the interview. They were beyond surprised and more importantly, impressed. A week later, I was hired. I spoke to HR at the end of my internship, and over 25,000 students applied. Only 2% were accepted. I thank NBCUniversal for the best internship of my life.

What has been your favorite part of the internship so far? 

The people. I was fortunate enough to have the greatest group of managers and fellow interns in my circle. The leadership styles of my bosses were refreshing. I loved my bosses and couldn’t thank them enough for the opportunity.

What advice do you have for other interns? 

You need to approach networking form a different perspective. Don’t network to know people, network to help people.



Student Spotlight- William Johnson, Honeywell Information Technology

William Johnson is majoring in Management Information Systems and plans to graduate in December. This summer William interned at Honeywell Information Technology.

William Johnson

Photo provided courtesy of William Johnson

Tell us a little bit about how you landed the internship:

I was notified of the internship through a Career Services email. I applied through Wildcat Joblink and later received an email stating I was selected for a first round interview. Two interviews later, I was offered the internship! I had two other offers at the time, but picked Honeywell based on the fit of the position.

What are some things you have learned?

I gained more technical experience by programming every day. While this isn’t typical of the internship, it was required for the scope of my projects. I also gained first hand exposure to a corporate environment and communicating on a diverse team.

What advice you have for other interns?

My advice for intern hopefuls is to pursue your passion. It makes everything in your career that much easier. If you’re passionate about what you do, you’ll more than likely be willing to put in the extra effort to be successful. It will also be reflected on your resume and employers will take notice.