Get Involved Early On!

Eller PDC Student Stories

By Nathan Schlatter, Finance Senior and President of Delta Sigma PiNathan

I have to say, I am lucky to be a part of the Eller College and the University of Arizona. One organization I have had the privilege of participating in is Delta Sigma Pi, America’s foremost business fraternity. We, as a group of 105 members, complete various community service activities, host professional development events, raise funds through corporate sponsorships & career showcase, and have a great time building our brotherhood.

There are multiple things I have learned and taken away from my involvement in Delta Sigma Pi. Last year, I was the VP of Finance and I can sum up what I learned in one word: patience. Managing a budget was a challenge and required me to be patient and focus on small details to make sure our executive board did not go over budget. This year, I am the current President of Delta Sigma Pi and I have quite the challenge. Last year we were named the most outstanding Delta Sigma Pi chapter and the nation and were recognized by the Eller College as the Outstanding Large Club of the year. I have to conquer the question, “What’s next?” As president, I am trying to stress to our members that we need to stay humble and realize that it is a new ball game. We will carry our momentum we earned through our awards, but we know that we as we enter a new year we are starting from ground zero. We will strive to be our best to accomplish fundraising through corporate sponsorships, increase attendance at community service & professional events, and to build a stronger presence in the Eller College.

DsIGI would recommend all pre-business students to get involved as much as you can as early as you can. Being in a student organization allows you to grow in so many ways that will enhance your business skills and social skills. Strive to be more than just a club member, be a leader. This will give you a glimpse of the real world on how to manage people and build a strong reputation. Also, employers love to see that you are already an up and coming leader at your school. Lastly, I will suggest associating yourself with students that want to succeed just like you do. This will build and increase your motivation to accomplish your goals. The days will be busy, but stay positive, learn as much as you can, and live every moment with excitement because your four years go by fast.

If you are interested in learning more about student organizations and ways you can get involved on campus come to Eller Leadership Fest on Sept 4th at 4:30pm in the Student Union Ballroom. You will have the opportunity to meet with over 25 student clubs.