Resume Tips

Eller PDC Coach's Corner

By Pete Corrigan, Eller Career Coach and Employer Relations Coordinator

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Applying for Professional Admissions this semester? A strong resume is key to a good initial impression. Career coach Pete Corrigan points out some important aspects to be aware of when developing your resume.

1. Formatting: Your resume must be easily readable and your most relevant experiences highlighted. Be clear, concise and relevant.

Consider these experiences:

  • Have you studied abroad?
  • Interned with a well-known company?
  • Lived or worked in a notable major city?
  • Are you involved on campus?

Whatever it is that makes you different highlight it in a way that it is easily located within a few seconds.

2. Use action verbs to emphasize the skills you have learned or strengthened through your experiences: Instead of telling the reader what you did, also include the skills you used to do it.

For example:

  • Before: Organized weekly meetings for my fraternity where they networked with invited guests
  • After:  Collaborated with campus faculty and local business leaders to organize weekly meetings for networking and professional development purposes

3. Quantifying your experiences: What quantifiable results are because of actions you took?

For example:

  • Lead and motivate fellow employees in my role as “head server” resulting in a ten percent increase in monthly sales
  • Implemented various creative marketing techniques resulting in being recognized  “Salesperson of the Month”