Advice from an Eller Alum: John Hutchison ’12

Eller PDC Alumni Stories

John Hutchisonby John Hutchison

I graduated from Eller in Spring of 2012. I had spent my senior year travelling to interviews to ‘knock on doors.’ It so happened that three different connections in many cities helped me to lock-in an interview with J.P. Morgan’s Asset Management. I had spent hours interviewing and reading up on current events so I believe I was prepared and I believe that was evident in the interviews.

First piece of advice: Enjoy your remaining time in college because everything changes after you graduate. In college a full load is considered 15 unit hours. Wait until you’re working 60 or more hours…

Second piece of advice: The power of the follow-up. It’s a known fact that successful job-seekers follow-up on every interaction they have (professional inquiry or interview). This creates a problem because since everyone ‘follows-up’ you’re not alone in checking that box. Meaningful follow-up is the difference between you and the rest of your peer group. What makes follow-up meaningful? Being proactive, thoughtful, and concise. During the interaction, if you were to have spoken about Bakken Shale it would behoove you to follow-up with a provocative article on, say, the potential for liquid natural gas as an international export (accompanied by a sentence or two on your opinion of the article). If you can’t find a relevant article write a hand-written note thanking the person for their time.

I wish you all the best and good luck.