Don’t be Intimidated by Professional Admissions

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By Hector Rosales, Eller Student and Professional Development Associate

The Eller College of Management has certain lingo, formalities and processes that are unique. This uniqueness tends to cause confusion which then leads to intimidation. I remember being scared of professional admissions thinking, “What if I don’t get in?” This process is a way to see if Eller is fit for you. If you do not get accepted, there are other options that may better suite you.

It’s not as bad as you think. Take a deep breath…. and relax.

The best way to improve and grow your business skill set, is not only by reading textbooks but by practice. The Eller Professional Admissions process is met to help you practice writing a resume and cover letter and preparing for an interview. Don’t be intimidated by it, but instead look at it as an opportunity for growth: opportunities to improve your writing abilities, to enhance your personal brand and to enhance your communication skills.

You are not alone during the process and you should take advantage of the resources available. Learn from others’ mistakes and experiences. The Professional Development Center – located in the undergraduate office (Room 204 McClelland Hall where you visit your advisors) – offers advice on your cover letters/resumes and holds mock interviews conducted by students who were recently in your shoes. Eller Professional Admissions is a stepping stone before the real thing-finding an internship and job. It’s only the first of many cover letters to write, resumes to format and interviews to undertake.

Quick tips for the day of your interview: prepare your professional attire, run through the main points you want to convey about yourself and eat breakfast.

The Eller College of Management is here to help. Visit the Professional Development Associate Office Hours to get feedback on your resume and cover letter. Located in Room 204.

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