Nike Internship Application Process

Eller PDC Student Stories

By Ben Malisewski

This semester, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to make it through all levels of the Nike internship application process! It was unlike anything that I had done before, but I learned through it that the way a company handles their application process can tell you a lot about the company you are applying to.

I first attended the Nike info session when it was here on campus, and was able to learn more about the company and their process. Info sessions, while they can seem redundant if you have previously done research online, is a great way to get your face in front of the recruiters that are there. After the info session, there was a three step process. The first step was to conduct an interview online. They had me record my answers to three different interview questions using the webcam on my computer, and it was unlike anything I had done before. I was very sure to check my surroundings before recording!

After I submitted my recordings, I heard back the following week and was invited to participate in their “challenge” for step two. For this challenge, I had a week to answer two questions regarding Nike and their brand, and create a presentation that I could send the recruiter by email. I created a video, uploaded it to YouTube, and sent in the link.

Following that, they selected a number of the applicants from the challenge to present their presentation in front of the recruiter and the VP of Merchandising. This was where the culture of Nike came across so strongly. The presentation was very laid back and nothing more than a way for them to hear the full details of my research and why I took the angle that I did on my challenge. I was not in a suit, I was in lightweight/athletic slacks, a dri-fit polo and Nike shoes, and the VP of merchandising was in jeans and a Nike polo. Nike’s culture is very much laid back and relaxed, and this was evident through the process, especially in the presentation. The recruiter and VP both offered great feedback, and with a quick turnaround time, I am anxiously looking forward to hearing back!