AAF Goes to Insight/Interaction: 2013 Student Conference on Advertising

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By Carly Portnoy, President of AAF – UA Chapter

Located in the heart of Washington DC, the University of Arizona’s American Advertising Federation (AAF) was able to send 4 members to the Insight/Interaction Student Conference on Advertising. Schools from as far as Australia and New York were in attendance, and key note speakers from prestigious agencies were ready to teach us everything we can’t learn in a classroom. Through connecting on LinkedIn and creating the best portfolio, we were taught by top professionals and got to ask all the questions we had. One thing that we learned that really stuck out was that you need to be audacious when selling your idea. Create campaigns that sound crazy but are creative enough to stand out and differentiate your customer from all other competitors. When selling your pitch you need to be audacious, and make your customer WANT to have your campaign….make the next big thing and place the offer on the table.

Along with the conference, we were able to explore the historical city and see monuments such as the White House and the Lincoln memorial. This trip was a great asset for our future advertising careers. We were able to network and create connections with everyone at the conference. For example, one key note speaker was from Tucson, and invited our club to their grand opening of their 2nd agency. I recommend that the club go to next year’s conference and keep the tradition going for future students interested in advertising.
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