Discover Financial Services Interview Experience

Eller PDC Student Stories

By Joseph Brown, Professional Development Associate

The Discover interview experience was definitely a unique one; it was my first “full-time” interview position for their Operations Leadership Program. The interview was broken up into two parts: one being a 30-minute case study about a real life situation that happens at Discover and the other was a behavioral interview that got to know you on a deeper level.

The case study was a challenging for me. Being a marketing major, I felt that doing a financial case study was a little out of the box. The case study had to do with giving out loans to people who had credit scores below 650. They asked you questions about how you felt about the situation and to do some calculations about what these loans will do for the company. The interviewer was very friendly and gave me support throughout the process. After doing the calculations, you had to express if you thought the proposed idea was a good one or not.

After the case study, I was brought into another room for the behavioral interview with another Discover employee. This interview went a lot smoother for me. He asked me questions like “What are the main points I should know about your resume” and “why are you so interested in sales.” A main thing that I think he really liked was the background knowledge I had about Discover. Also, going on and looking up past interview questions was a big help.

If I could redo the experience, I would have looked up a lot more about what the case study could have been, and how to better prepare. Also, just remembering proper interview etiquette, like what steps need to be taken next and getting business cards from BOTH interviews to write follow-up thank you letters.