3 Networking Etiquette Tips

Eller PDC Coach's Corner

By Pete Corrigan, Employer Relations Coordinator & Career Coach

Business handshake to seal a deal

November is Networking Month! Keep the following tips in mind as you begin networking.

1. Who do I reach out to? You can reach out to a wide variety of people, including people with similar interests, people who are doing what you hope to do, friends of family, friends of friends, Eller alumni, U of A alumni…you never know who might have an opportunity for you!

2. Don’t ask for anything related to internships or jobs. You should use the initial meeting to find out more about the person, their career path, the company the work for, and maybe even advice. Simply start with “Can I ask you questions?” or “Can I have a few minutes of your time?” Once you’ve built a relationship with this person, see where it goes.

 3. How do you keep the connection alive? “Check in” with updates—examples include:

  • I am thinking of adding another major, what do you think?
  • I heard your company is merging, how does that affect you?
  • I have been working on my resume, can you give me some feedback?