Incorporating Volunteer Work on Your Resume

Eller PDC Coach's Corner

By Marisa Allen, Eller Career Coach

Volunteer work can be a great way to gain industry and career experience while contributing to society.  It can also look great on your resume. As a college student, you may feel like you don’t have an abundance of job experience, and including volunteer positions is one way to strengthen your resume.

If the volunteer work you are highlighting directly relates to your career aspirations, you should consider listing it under your work experience. This will allow you to highlight the job title, and give you a chance to explain what transferable skills you gained. This posting might go directly under you “Experience” section, or in an additional section titled, “Volunteer Experience.” If you took a leadership role, this position could also be listed under, “Leadership Experience.”


When including a one-day volunteer experience, it’s best to list this under “Activities.”


Set up an appointment with a career coach to discuss strategies for what type of volunteer work can contribute to your job skills, and how to integrate your experience on your resume.