Advice from an Eller Alum: Adam Zloto ’08

Eller PDC Alumni Stories

By Adam Zloto ’08

My Name’s Adam Zloto, I’m 28 and I work in the Global Creative Hub for LEVIS®, specifically on the Merchandising and Design team. My role is to understand what’s going on regarding fashion in markets around the world, work with my design team to create new apparel concepts and bring it to life. I get to travel and make cool stuff for an iconic brand. I was a finance major.

At the risk of sounding cheesy here’s a couple things to note while you’re at school:

Your major doesn’t have to define you – I majored in finance because it was the last thing I wanted to do, but I figured it’s a good base to get my foot in the door wherever I decided to apply. Now I work in merchandising and design, go figure.

Be random – I lived in New York for consecutive summers during my time at UofA. After I graduated I spent six months in South America traveling. These two things are the biggest reasons I got hired in my first job (advertising) and my current job (LEVIS®), hands down.

Just chill – Don’t get overwhelmed with trying to figure out your career, have a point of view, try to get decent grades but be open. I STILL don’t know what I really want to do but I’ll tell you one thing…I had ZERO idea that I’d be working for LEVIS when I graduated.

Your resume is important but not that important – My good friend has a high up role at the startup DROP BOX and turns down recruits with “Insane” resume’s all the time. They have a culture motto, if you wouldn’t grab a beer with them, then you wouldn’t want to work with them.

Make friends – Go out of your way to introduce yourself to interesting folk. They’ll appreciate it and it could open doors you never thought of. My two jobs since graduation where not through applications but connections.

Enjoy college – After you graduate you won’t be back in a world where Thursday nights are the big party night…

Feel free to reach out to me whenever  AZLOTO@LEVI.COM