81 Students Attend First Spring Semester Meeting of Eller Professional Sales Club

Eller PDC Clubs & Orgs

“Thanks to the efforts of the Club’s recruiting team, we had an amazing turnout this past Tuesday, 81 students!” exulted Dana Kline, VP of Member Recruiting and Retention. “12 pizzas disappeared in just 5 minutes!”


“There was a mix of Pre-Business majors and Eller Juniors and Seniors, just what we had hoped for,” added Adam Ali, the Sales Club’s Serving President. “That way we can have younger students preparing to take over key leadership positions from graduating Seniors.”

“Every leadership position has two slots, Serving and Elect,” according to Eller Senior and Club Secretary Katie Wilson. “The Serving VP is usually one or even two years senior to the VP Elect and acts as the mentor to the younger student. This allows for seamless transitions, continuity and lots of opportunities for all Club Members, even in multiple roles.”

Per founding Member and Sales Club Treasurer, Abby Cohen, “Right, I started as the Club’s first member when I was a Sophomore, initially serving as Secretary and Treasurer. Katie Wilson took over as Club Secretary and Sergeant at Arms (aka ‘the enforcer’) while I continued as Treasurer.  I’ll graduate next December and am already looking for candidates to take my place in the Fall. Katie is doing the same.”

“These leadership positions are the best ways for students to show corporate recruiters that they’re developing more that academic skills,” added Adam Tank, first year Eller MBA and Club President Elect.

“Right,” concluded Michael Philpott, Past President, 2nd year Eller MBA and former US Army Captain, “Employers want to know that you have leadership potential and that there’s more to you than just your contribution as an individual. There are a total of 14 positions, and we’re looking for the right Members to fill them.”

Dana concluded, “Come to our next meeting on Tuesday, February 4, and check our web site, www.epsalesclub.com, for the room number and time and for types of leadership positions.”

E-mail either of the Adams (Ali or Tank) if you’re interested in being a candidate at adamali@email.arizona.edu or atank@email.arizona.edu.

“But wait, there’s more!” interjected Bryan Waxman, VP of Program Content. “Check out ‘Sales Scribbles’ to learn more about what we’re all about, business-to-business consultative sales skills: http://www.infoteam-consulting.com/sales-scribbles/identification/getting-started/

“Also, at our next meeting we’ll show you how to guess the personalities of other people on-the-fly and to build trust and rapport by adjusting your communication style to best match theirs. We’ll also have another excellent speaker!”