Dean Jessup Speaks on the Future of Eller

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By Jenifer Wong

Last evening Dean Len Jessup delivered the presentation Looking Ahead: Eller College and the Future of Higher Ed to an engaged audience of students, faculty, and staff in Berger Auditorium.

Dean Jessup’s presentation was one of strategy (although he managed to incorporate humor and basketball into his speech as well): What are some challenges that the college currently faces and how are these challenges going to be overcome? What plans will Eller see in the upcoming years? Some key points:

Revenue Centered Management is trending. As state subsidies continue to decrease and tuition is increasing, the ROI on an undergraduate degree has become a major factor in students’ enrollment decisions. This is turn is causing universities to be more demand or market driven, or to act more like businesses. The Eller College supports many of the initiatives that the University of Arizona is carrying out to generate more revenue– revenue that goes towards maintaining and improving the quality of the institution.

While higher education is growing rapidly in emerging markets, the U.S. has reached a point of stagnancy. As quality business schools are emerging all over the world, there is a definite need to provide students in the U.S. with the knowledge, insight, and experiences to become global leaders. With its study abroad and international internship opportunities, Eller is just beginning to leave a global footprint that will hopefully enable it to stay competitive among top business schools in the long run.

Expansion is within sight. The college is aggressively raising money to build a professional development center more accessible to students. Other elements of expansion being considered include team rooms, a trading room, and a Hall of Fame to showcase the successes of alum.

In sum, Dean Jessup sees a bright future for Eller and continues to work on taking the college on an upward trajectory in quality, impact, and rankings. The goal is for Eller is to become a global and self-sustaining college.

The Meet the Dean event is one of two speaker series to celebrate Eller’s 100th Year Anniversary. Be sure to check out Creative Leadership for the 21st Century featuring Dave Goodman, former VP of Walt Disney Entertainment, on Wednesday, February 5th.