Eller Professional Sales Club Membership Surges

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The EPSC grew to 30 Members this past Fall and plans to top off at 70 by mid March and 120 next Fall.

Great Start! According to Club President and graduating senior Adam Ali, “We’re off to a great start! We focused on building a strong leadership team and on finding out what our target market values most in Club benefits and programs. It’s clear that the best way to grow is to get rave reviews from Members and to retain them. Happy Members are also our best recruiters.”

Benefits, Value. Bryan Waxman, VP of Programs, adds, “Right, our Members want value and to learn more about the art and science of consultative business-to-business sales. Last semester we had a great group of sales professionals explain what this means, what they do and how they do it. This Spring we have an even better lineup.”

Savvy Speakers. “For example, recent Eller Grad Chris Liebner will be our first speaker this coming Tuesday. Chris started in B2B sales at CyraCom, a company based in Tucson that employs 1,200 interpreters and translators. He’s now their VP of Sales and has just the kind of real-world experience that Members can relate to and benefit from.”

Free Profiles. Bryan added, “We also offer Members free personality profiles that will help them learn about what motivates them and what types of sales jobs, or any job, should work best for them.”

Competitions, Jobs. President Elect Adam Tank, a 1st year MBA, is in charge of sales competitions. “We’ll be training and fielding a graduate and an undergraduate team at the National Collegiate Sales Competition in late March and an undergrad team at the Western States Sales Competitions in late April. Contestants and attendees should come away from each with a great learning experience and from two to three job offers.”

Leadership Roles. Past President, Michael Philpott adds, “For the Club to offer as much as it does and to spread the work load, there are 14 leadership positions. These are just the sort of resume building items that recruiters look for. The Club is also developing ‘SIP,’ the summer Sales Internship Program, the best way to add substance to resumes.”

Club Funding. Dana Kline, VP of Membership, is in charge of recruiting and retention. “We’ll be recruiting 40 new Members, bringing our total to 70 by the end of Spring. This will allow us to attract more strong sponsors and to afford and deliver more Member benefits.”

LikedIn Videos. “For example, we hope to invest in upgraded video equipment to record Club Members’ 30 – 45 second ‘elevator speeches.’ These we can post on their LinkedIn profiles, allowing recruiters to learn more about them.”

Come Tuesday! “This is a fun, valuable Club! Join us at Tuesday’s Club Meeting and check out www.epsales.com for the room number and time!”