Personality Styles and Elevator Pitches in the Sales Club

Eller PDC Clubs & Orgs

Next Tuesday (2/4) afternoon’s meeting of the Eller Professional sales Club offers great value to visitors and Members. Check room and times at

Determining Personality Traits with 85% Accuracy. During the 1st hour of the meeting attendees will receive a special handout that helps them accurately evaluate the personalities of people (other students, recruiters, employers) they meet. The handout also contains tips about what they should or shouldn’t do with each of the four major personality types so that they can build rapport and trust.

Then we’ll practice. Several Club Officers will be interviewed in the front of the room. Students will collectively determine the key personality traits of each. Then they’ll be shown just how close they came to the actual traits of the volunteers. Amazingly, they’ll have learned to ‘nail’ the actual traits with 85% accurately!

Building and Practicing Your Elevator Speech. Also during the 1st hour, attendees will receive a second handout showing them how to create a 30 second, effective, memorable ‘elevator speech.’ During the 2nd hour, they’ll practice delivering their speeches to 5 – 7 other attendees and, of course, listening to those of others.

Pizza and Speakers. Nancy Roberts, Eller Career Coach for Sales and IT positions will talk about how she can help Members find jobs and internships.

Mark MacArthur will share the experiences in Business-to-Business sales that ultimately lead him become the President of Supply One, a successful and profitable national company.

Once again, Brooklyn Pizza will provide pizza for all!

Call for Candidates for Open Leadership Positions. Candidates for the VP of Internships, VP of Sponsorships and related Chairs are invited to pitch their ideas and qualifications to Members at the end of the meeting.