Student Spotlight: Nadine Merheb, Goldman Sachs Intern – Summer ’14

Eller PDC Student Stories


By Nadine Merheb

Hi everyone! My name is Nadine Merheb, and I’m a junior majoring in Accounting and Business Economics and have minors in Global Business, Spanish, and Mathematics. I recently accepted an internship offer from Goldman Sachs and will be working with a team in the Credit Risk Management group in Salt Lake City.

Eller sends out A LOT of emails. Some repeat information I already know, but all are worth looking at. I heard about this opportunity through one of these emails. It encouraged students to apply to attend a Diversity Symposium for the firm. The application process was pretty standard: go to the company website, apply online, and submit transcripts, a cover letter, and a resume.

At the same time that I applied for the conference, I applied for a summer internship. I heard back within the week, notifying me of my acceptance and upcoming phone interview. By upcoming, they meant five minutes later. I was blind-sided! I didn’t even realize it was the interview until I asked if the person I was talking to knew when I would be contacted to set up a time. He just replied, “This is the interview.” I thought I had completely bombed it. But the next day, I received confirmation and interview times for the day after the conference. Goldman flew me out to Salt Lake City for two days the next week. The first day we networked with professionals and attended a conference about professionalism. The second day was a “super day”. I had five interviews back to back in Investment Management, Compliance, and Credit Risk Management. A week after that, I received a call from a recruiter in New York informing me that I had been extended offers from both CRM and Compliance and that the Investment Management team wanted four more interviews. Ultimately, I chose to accept the offer with CRM team.

Along with the standard of professionalism, the career coaches and advisors were a huge help in preparing for this process. They set me on the right track of researching everything about the company and position before I went in, and it came in handy when I was asked the same questions in the interviews. The professors in Eller are great at connecting current events with the material we learn in class, and I was able to draw from that in my interviews as well.

In the end, you’re competing with people who share your interests and often have similar resumes, so the trick is to stand out. I pursue things that I am passionate about and later find ways to connect it to what I’m studying. The interviewers can tell when you are into what you talk about, and every one of them said it made the difference between a “good” employee and a “great” one.

I’m looking forward to a new experience with Goldman Sachs this summer. Without a substantial finance background, I know this internship will be a challenge, but I expect nothing less.