Winter Externships: Nike

Eller PDC Student Stories

Samantha Steadman

by Samantha Steadman

Hello! I am a Sophomore, pre-business student that just participated in one of Eller’s Winter Externships. I was lucky enough to have received an externship with Nike at their headquarters in Portland, Oregon. Marketing for Nike has been my dream career for a very long time and the only part that seemed scary was just getting my foot in the door. Well, let me tell you, this externship got my whole BODY in the door! During the two days I was at Nike, I had eleven meetings with various Nike employees. Most of the people I met were U of A alumni, so it was networking at it’s finest. The Nike campus was beautiful and everyone there loved their job, which was refreshing to hear. I went into this externship really curious to find out more about the values of Nike and the what the different positions were in the company. I am so glad I did because now I have fallen even more in love with Nike and know that that’s where I want to end up after U of A. For anyone who is skeptical about these externships, don’t be. They are amazing opportunities, to really help you build great connections in your professional career. Shout out to Marisa Allen for all of her advising help!