Alumni Spotlight: Elyse Meyer, Prism Global Marketing Solutions

Eller PDC Alumni Stories

Elyse MeyerBy Elyse Meyer, ’07

I graduated from the Eller College of Management in May 2007 with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and Certificate in International Business.  While at Eller, I  was involved with Delta Sigma Pi professional business fraternity, Eller Scholars, American Marketing Association, and the American Advertising Federation.

After graduating from college, I moved to Northern California to begin a career in medical device marketing.  This industry helped me gain a better understanding of traditional marketing, digital marketing, and integrating the two efforts.  After a few years, I then moved back to Arizona because a position became available in charge of marketing for Thunderbird School of Global Management in Glendale, AZ. This position focused on inbound marketing, event marketing, and integrating local and global efforts to attract future students.  While in this position, I developed a passion for inbound marketing.

For those who aren’t familiar, inbound marketing is all about driving earned traffic to websites and online assets to help drive leads and conversions for your business in a more organic instead of paid effort.  After seeing the success of inbound marketing for Thunderbird School of Global Management, I decided I could take that model, and apply it to other companies to help them grow their businesses to meet and exceed their marketing and sales goals.  This is where I decided to start my own business, Prism Global Marketing Solutions.  Prism Global Marketing Solutions is a full-service, online marketing agency providing strategic online and inbound marketing consulting and support to companies ranging from startups and small businesses to enterprise-level organizations.  We understand the constraints of marketing time and budgets, and find the most unique and effective solutions for our clients to achieve the greatest return on investment from their marketing strategy.

For those who are interested in starting their own business, here are three things to consider that I learned throughout the initial stages of the business:

  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help:  When you own your own business, you are the “go-to” person.  This includes not only marketing in my case, but also sales, IT, accounting, and everything in between.  When you are starting out and it’s just you, you have to be comfortable asking for help where you need it.  Whether it’s an introduction to a prospective client, someone writing a guest blog post for your website, someone who can help with IT questions, etc.  People are willing to help, you just have to ask.
  • Put yourself out there:  When you are starting your own business, your main advocate is you.  While you have clients and partners who will endorse you, it’s all about you getting your name out. This includes hosting local events, webinars, networking, writing guest blogs on other websites, and more.  This will help to build both your personal brand and your business brand.
  • Invest both time and money:  While you don’t necessarily need a lot of money up front to build a service business (a product-related business is different), you do need to invest a little bit to help get the word out.  This could include attending local and national events, sponsoring events, hosting thought-leadership events, social media advertising, and more.  Also, understand that the time commitment is much greater than a regular corporate job. Since you are building your personal and business brand, you need to work twice as hard to gain traction. Once you do though, you will start to see the reward from your efforts.

Starting my own business has been a tremendous adventure.  I have worked harder than I thought possible, but every “win” is even bigger and better than you could image as well.  We are excited to welcome our first intern from Eller of course!  We are also hiring a paid summer Inbound Marketing Intern. This position can be virtual or Phoenix-based. Please feel free to learn more on the Wildcat Joblink (Job ID 756267), or email Elyse at  Best of luck to all of my fellow Eller entrepreneurs!