Evaluating Your Job Offer

Eller PDC Coach's Corner

By Matt Lehrer, Career Coach

The decision to accept a job is a very personal one, and often involves both following your instincts and taking a leap of faith.  But there are still a number of things to think about, including:

*The potential career paths that could follow after accepting the position.  What will you learn from this job?  Where could those skills and experiences take you in the future?

*Do you like and respect the people with whom you will be working?  Do you feel comfortable with the culture of the organization?  Do people seem happy working there?

*Will you have the opportunity to meet new people in the field and expand your network of professional connections?

*Are you happy with the geographic region in which the job is located, in terms of cost of living, climate, proximity to family and opportunities for a social life or cultural activities?

In the end, only you can decide whether or not a job is right for you.  But we at PDC are here to help, and we strongly encourage you to schedule an appointment with a Coach when struggling with whether or not to accept an offer to trying to negotiate compensation.