Startup Spotlight: NoteBowl

Eller PDC Student Stories

By Jenifer Wong

I’ve interviewed quite a few extraordinary people for this blog over the months, but Andrew Chaifetz was by far the most extraordinarily excited. His business: NoteBowl. You may have read about it in the Daily Wildcat last week. But for those of you who don’t know, NoteBowl is a social platform that aggregates everything from academics to clubs and organizations to campus events into one place. In other words, a campus life solution.

Meet the team! From the left: Alec Stapp, Andrew Chaifetz, Matthew Silverstone & Alex Slaughter

Meet the team! From the left: Alec Stapp, Andrew Chaifetz, Matthew Silverstone & Alex Slaughter

Remember your first year of college when one professor would tell you to submit assignments on one platform and another professor in another class posts all of his content on another? Or when you would work on a group project using Google Drive but communicate on Facebook and there was always one person who didn’t have a Facebook account so you would have to text that person separately? And where did you have to go to look for social events on campus? The point is, we’ve all been through the frustration of having to maneuver through so many different platforms to keep our overloaded college lives together. This was what inspired the idea for NoteBowl.

Since the inception of the idea by Andrew and co-founder Matt Silverstone during their freshman year at the U of A, NoteBowl has really taken off. With a team of talented business students and program developers, a $300,000 Angel investment, and an awesome user-friendly platform to set it apart from competitors, the startup is getting ready to launch a pilot program in the summer.

Currently, NoteBowl has entered the Venture Madness competition which would expose NoteBowl to more potential investors if they are able to move up through the rounds (determined by votes).

You’ll be hearing more about Andrew and NoteBowl in the coming weeks. But until then, do the guy a favor and vote for NoteBowl!