Winter Externships: Aerotek

Eller PDC Student Stories

kiaraBy Kiara Christopherson

I am so lucky to have been given an externship over winter break with Aerotek.  It was exciting for me to gain an understanding of what I have to look forward to in the work force when I graduate.  During the externship, Stephanie, Aerotek’s Manager of Advanced Sales Training & Development, showed me around the office and I met all of her colleagues.  The atmosphere at the Aerotek office in Tempe was so welcoming and everyone was extremely friendly.  Over the span of time that I was at the office, I saw, first-hand, all of the various tasks that Stephanie completes everyday and I was even able to witness a phone conference that she took.  During my time at Aerotek, I was also introduced to Jessica Carter, one of Aerotek’s Energy Recruiters.  Jessica explained how her jobs entails recruiting individuals for outside companies in the energy department.  She constantly calls candidates and sets up interviews with them to see if they fit the position that needs to be filled.  Her position at Aerotek was extremely intriguing to me because of the constant human interaction that she has.  Jessica has new tasks assigned to her everyday and she is able to talk to new people everyday as well.  For her, each day at the office is something new.  After experiencing this externship, this has officially confirmed that I definitely want to pursue a career that involves Human Resources, recruiting, and staffing.  I like the idea of the recruiting and staffing industry because you are always interacting with people and are always talking to someone new.  Overall, I feel lucky that I was able to partake in this opportunity as it was a wonderful experience!