Student Spotlight: Trevor Derrett, Student Manager UA Basketball Team

Eller PDC Student Stories

TrevorDerrett1By Trevor Derrett

As a graduating senior in May, I’ve begun to look back on my four years at the UofA and my time as an Accounting major in the Eller College of Management. Eller has been home to countless of memories for me from working on group projects to taking field trips to enduring the struggle of balancing work and play.

Some of my favorite memories from Eller have been spent with my peers. The days of coordinating everyone’s busy schedule to meet outside of class have always been difficult, but the incredible ideas that result from such a diverse collaboration have been remarkable. Eller has taught me the importance of being a dependable teammate as well as how to connect and communicate with a number of different personalities.
Many of the lessons that I have learned from Eller have translated directly into my workplace as a student manager for the Arizona Men’s Basketball Program. The teamwork and communication skills in Eller are valuable no matter what type of career you pursue, but they have been especially valuable in my current job search. I am presently interviewing with a number of NBA teams to attain an Inside Sales position. The oral and written skills taught in Eller already have given me a leg up against many of the other applicants. The teamwork skills that Eller has fine-tuned has prepared me well to enter the professional world.
While my time is almost up, I encourage all future students to take the Eller curriculum as more than just another set of classes. Eller is an experience and a hands-on way to prepare for the real world. I may not miss the homework when I graduate, but I undoubtedly will miss the Eller experience.