Alumni Spotlight: Francisco Morin-Corona, General Motors

Eller PDC Alumni Stories

FranciscoBy Francisco Morin-Corona

Hi! My name is Francisco and I graduated from the Eller College of Management in December 2013 with a double major in MIS and Operations Management. I have officially been working in the real world since January as a General Motors Software Tester. Though this title does not appear to scream Business Administration outright, there are many opportunities to be had within General Motors and as my first out of college employer I could not be happier.

Why General Motors?

Deciding on which company to go with after graduating is a hard. Even though it is the company that hires you, you are the one who chooses which company to work for.

I was torn between deciding on a big company or small company to start my career in, each with their own pros and cons. I chose GM because it is a big company, but their IT department is small and growing at a rapid rate. Since GM is currently shifting away from outsourcing their IT, this creates a situation that most liken to a startup. I saw this as the best of both worlds, because I had all the perks of working in a small company along with the support that comes from a big company.

How did I get there?

In my last semester of college I was deep in the job hunt like most of my classmates. It was nerve racking hearing about ones who already had jobs lined up, but it also felt reassuring that others where on the same page as me and still struggling with where to apply.

One last leap of faith I had was during the MIS career fair in the fall. I prepared talking points for 5 different companies and made an effort to talk to each one. I hit it off well with the recruiters from General Motors and we discussed the positions they had open and they gave me guidance on which to apply for, it was Business Intelligence related, and then asked me when I was available to interview. After the career fair and applying online I followed up with an email and we set up a time to interview up in Phoenix.

The process involved 2 interviews, behavioral and technical. In my case I had both interviews the same day. In both I just followed advice that you hear all the time about interviews: be yourself, be honest, and be confident. I was fortunate to have great guidance from Eller faculty like my career coach, Nancy Roberts. Nancy made me feel more responsible for my progress in the career search than I had ever been. It definitely helps having someone to always reach out to about any doubts. The process is always different for everyone, but they should always include one thing and that is meeting with a career coach.

What does the future hold?

One thing I look forward to the most is seeing where I will be 4 years from now. My position as a Software Tester gives me a great insight into the process of an IT project from beginning to end. I get to see in person the dynamic communication between the client for the project, Business Analysts and Developers. Experiencing this helps me prepare for future positions. GM opportunities are broad, and I hope to explore as many of them as I can.

If you are still struggling with the job search just stay optimistic and keep at it. I enjoy helping when I can so if you have any questions or just want to talk more about the process I went through feel free to get in contact with me.

Francisco Morin-Corona