FESO Leadership Dinner Series: Barbara Allen

Eller PDC Clubs & Orgs

This semester FESO has hosted four Leadership Dinner Series with executives who have shared their advice and professional development tips with student club leaders. Our most recent guest was Barbara Allen, former VP of Quaker Oats. She shared her nine tips for career success:

  1. Integrity is your foundation: it helps you build trust and become valued
  2. Results matter: at the end of the day it does not matter how hard you work unless you deliver results
  3. A career is hard work
  4. Keep trying: if you fail, stay confident and try something else
  5. Keep learning: read, attend conferences, and keep a list of things you want to learn more about it
  6. Take time to think, reflect, plan: your career path may change and that is ok
  7. Women can have careers
  8. It takes courage
  9. It takes a sense of humor