Student Spotlight: Ryan Williams, JDA Software

Eller PDC Student Stories

RyanWilliamsBy Ryan Williams

My name is Ryan Williams and I am currently a junior majoring in Finance. I am originally from Granite Bay, CA. This summer I will be a Finance Intern at JDA Software in Scottsdale, Arizona.

The process of finding my internship was a little bit different from the typical student. The past couple of months I have really been networking a lot, with high school friends, going to career fairs, and meeting with potential employers. The internship that I found with JDA Software was the result of networking.  A high school friend’s dad worked for the company and he was my way to get my foot in the door. I was selected to interview with three separate people at their corporate office in Scottsdale and a couple of weeks later I received an offer from JDA Software.

The PDC was extremely helpful in me getting the internship throughout the process. The biggest things for me were making sure my approach was right and finding the right fit.  Jeff Welter was a tremendous help with this, and I highly recommend meeting with your career coach for your respective major because I gained a great deal from each and every meeting. Some advice:

Stay Positive:  Rejection is inevitable when looking for an internship or a job, but you just have to stay positive throughout the entire process.

Be Persistent: Being persistent is key in finding an internship because there are so many opportunities out there and you need to make sure to apply for as many as you can. The more you apply for, the more interviews you will get as a result, and therefore you will become a better interview as a result.

It’s all about shots on goal: I recommend applying for as many internships as possible, because you increase your odds of landing one the more you apply for. As mentioned above in being persistent more applications will lead to more interviews. Interviewing is a skill and a student wants to master it before they interview for their dream job.