Graduating Senior Spotlight: Ashley Williams, General Motors

Eller PDC Student Stories

Ashley WilliamsBy Ashley Williams

Hello! My name is Ashley Williams and I am a graduating senior studying Management Information Systems and Operations Management. Over the past four years, the University of Arizona and the Eller College of Management has provided me with countless opportunities to grow and develop into the person that I am today.

For the past three years, I taught a wide variety of group fitness classes at the Campus Recreation Center, which helped me develop my communication, leadership, and teamwork skills. Additionally, I am a member of Eller Ambassadors. As an ambassador, I promote the Eller Experience to perspective students and families, as well as develop my networking skills with professionals.

With these skills combined, I obtained an IT internship my junior year at USAA. This internship gave me hands-on experience working in the IT world, as well as the opportunity to work with computer applications that I would never have the opportunity to use in college. Thanks to the Eller Professional Development Center and Career Services for helping me write a superior resume, the skills I gained from my job as an instructor and as an Eller ambassador, and the knowledge I gained from my internship, I was able to land a job for after college. This June I will begin my career at General Motors, working in business intelligence and data analytics.

I have two pieces of advice for current and future students. My first piece of advice is to find something you are passionate about in life and do it. For me, I love teaching group fitness and while it may seem very irrelevant to my two degrees, I actually learned that the skills I developed as a group fitness instructor helped me succeed and stand out in interviews and team presentations. Additionally, one of my favorite quotes that I have found to ring true to my Eller experience is,  “Opportunities look a lot like hard work”. Which leads me to my second piece of advice, always work hard and give back to those around you. Time and generosity will always lead you to positive opportunities in life.