Student Spotlight: Andrew Paul, BeyondTrust

Eller PDC Student Stories

andrewBy Andrew Paul

This is my second summer working as an intern at BeyondTrust in Phoenix, Arizona. BeyondTrust is an American company that develops, markets, and supports a family of privilege identity management and vulnerability management products for UNIX, Linux, Windows and Mac OS operating systems. Last summer, I worked with a team to follow up on prospective leads to gauge any sort of interest. If there was any interest at all, the lead would be passed on, through salesforce, to a sales representative. I learned to work as a team to collaborate and find the best ways to sell the product over the phone or via email.

I was asked to come back on board this summer for a different project. I work closely with a team of 3 other interns on the renewals team. My official title is Client Relations Manager or CRM. About half of the company’s revenue is based on their existing customers who renew their product licenses to continue usage. It has been a great, hands-on experience in an exciting sales environment. This summer, I have already helped renew licenses for big names like the New York Stock Exchange, Motorola, and AT&T.