Student Spotlight: Kevin Chai, UBS

Eller PDC Student Stories

CaptureKevin is working this summer as an Equity and Sales Summer Analyst at UBS in New York, NY.

What is a typical day at your internship like?

There is no typical day for my internship! A lot of my day is reactionary, it all depends on client demands and upcoming events! Some things that I spend a lot of time  on are preparing presentations, working on stock pitches, sitting in on client meetings, and shadowing people on my desk.

What has been your favorite part about the internship so far?

My favorite part of the internship is how willing everyone is to spend time with you. Everyone, from the analyst to the managing director, has been willing to take time out of their day to speak with me and answer any questions I may have! Oh, and there is unlimited coffee too!

How has Eller helped you prepare for your internship?

Eller is a fantastic place with students, alumni, and advisers all willing to help you. I know I would not have been able to succeed in my interviews and land my spot on the Street without the help a few wonderful mentors. My advice for anyone interested in working on Wall Street it to reach out to anyone in Eller you think can help you! It would surprise you how many people are willing to extend that helping hand.