Student Spotlight: Lauren Larcher, Warner Brothers

Eller PDC Student Stories

10384746_10203508525147837_1973216480991553798_n (2)Lauren is working this summer as a Media Sales intern at Warner Brothers in Los Angeles, CA.

Tell us a little bit about how you landed the internship:

I’ve always been interested in the business aspect of the entertainment industry. When I began my internship search, I reached out to friends and family members to see if they had any connections to the business world in the entertainment industry. Through my search I gained a connection to Marisusan Trout, Vice President of Warner Bros. Media Sales Department for the Western Region. Throughout the spring semester I continued to follow up with Marisusan and Warner Bros. to express my passion and enthusiasm for an internship position with their company. After three interviews I eagerly accepted the internship!

What is a typical day at your internship like?

The Media Sales Department handles relations with all national advertisers regarding the sale of commercial units and integration with WB television shows. The Ellen Degeneres Show, TMZ, Friends, and The Middle are a few examples of WB television shows this department sells. On a typical day I arrive at Warner Bros. at 10:00 A.M. From there I check my WB email to see if I have any tasks from Marisusan or other department members. Most of my tasks involve Excel, and creating information that will assist employees in their calculations and future meetings. For lunch I walk over to the WB lot and eat at the commissary with other interns. On some occasions I am able to help the Marketing and Research Department, for example I assisted with the screening of Tom Cruise’s new movie “Edge of Tomorrow,” which was a blast! Each day I am experiencing something new and expanding my knowledge of business and the entertainment

What has been your favorite part about the internship so far?

So far my favorite part of interning at Warner Bros. is the positive environment and endless opportunities. It is evident the employees here truly enjoy coming to work and contributing to the success of Warner Bros. Entertainment. I have had the opportunity to listen to executive employees discuss their WB experiences, and the majority of people rotated to different departments on their journey to the top. It excites me to know that this industry holds infinite possibilities. My experience at Warner Bros. has reassured me this is the type of career I would like to pursue upon graduation.

What are some things you have learned?

Overall some of the key things I have learned are the importance of timeliness and networking. A major contributor to the success of the Media Sales Department involves being prompt and meeting deadlines. Marisusan and her associates work directly with clients and agencies and it is crucial to be prompt in order to make the sale and maintain good customer relations for the future. Upon graduation I may want to apply for a position within Warner Bros., so I am eager to meet and assist anyone when I can.

How has Eller helped you prepare for your internship?

Eller has taught me many lessons which I implement everyday during my internship. As I briefly mentioned earlier, I am not running coffee and indulged in meaningless work. Most of my tasks involve creating documents for the Media Sales meetings with the WB NY office and other various clients. My time at Eller has taught me how to properly design information so that is well-structured, and has strong readability and professionalism. I have been able to work on teams with other department interns effectively. Eller has strongly prepared me for all my responsibilities at Warner Bros., and there has been nothing I could not handle.

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