Alumni Spotlight: Alyssa Martinez, Destinations by Design

Eller PDC Alumni Stories

Alyssa Martinez

Alyssa Martinez graduated in May 2012 with a major in Business Management and Non-Profit Leadership and Spanish minors. She currently works for Destinations by Design, an event production and DMC, in Las Vegas, NV.

What do you do on a typical day at work?

My days at work vary a LOT.  Sometimes I am sitting in the office answering emails (communicating with clients, coordinating vendor orders and delivery times, etc.) and submitting paperwork (invoices to be paid).  Other days I am out on site, usually at a property on The Strip setting up for an event.  Or I could be running around purchasing random requests for talent riders, picking up show tickets, getting a group loaded onto a bus for their helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon, greeting someone at the airport, or one of the other random tasks my job often requires.  Basically whatever needs to be done to ensure my clients have a successful event!

How did you come across this opportunity?  

I reached out to an Eller classmate I had met while we were in school, because I knew she worked out in Vegas doing events.  She told me about an opening with her company, so I applied and was hired!

What is the most rewarding aspect about your job?

Working in the event industry is really cool because you can make something awesome out of almost nothing.  Transforming a plain, boring ballroom into an amazing experience for my clients is always rewarding to me.

Any advice for students looking to enter your industry/company?

It’s all about who you know!  I am a perfect example of that.  Someone you worked with one time on a small group project for class could end up being the gateway to your ideal job a few years down the road.  Make connections and keep in touch with them!