Leadership Dinner: AMA and AdFed

Eller PDC Clubs & Orgs

10703603_922942471075691_2640283597431789207_nBy Eva Herman

On Wednesday, October 1st, we kicked off this semester’s Eller Leadership Speaker Series with executive Todd Helmick, the marketing director at Royal Automotive. Todd is a University of Arizona alum and has worked at Royal Automotive for 8 years. He had various experiences throughout his time in college, including working for Macy’s, living in London and being a Resident Assistant. Todd presented to executive board members and student leaders in American Marketing Association and Advertising Federation.

In his presentation, Todd explained the “sales funnel” to us, from Awareness, Interest, Desire and lastly, Action (making the sale).  There are many different ways to market toward core groups in this funnel, from the corporate level to the dealership level.  Local marketing and advertising focuses on a much more narrow market of consumers who are already in the desire stage. Local advertising is much more personal, and expresses current deals or features that are happening in the local area that will set the dealership apart from the competition. Local marketing really strives to influence the consumer that is already in the market for a new car, rather than peak interest in those who are not avidly looking.  These marketing tips can apply to any industry, from club recruitment to corporate sponsorships. It is important to narrow down

Todd’s Five Personal Marketing Tips:

  1. Know Thy Self: what are your strengths, what are you good at?
  2. Build your personal network: don’t judge everyone you meet relative to you and your likes, anyone can be a personal network
  3. Explore and make mistakes: do not have regret!
  4. Start with the end in mind: Do you know what your definition of win is? What do you consider a fail?
  5. Develop a tangible skill that is easily identifiable and in high demand