Eller Alumni Founds Channelinks.com

Eller PDC Alumni Stories


Former Eller graduates, Rohan Rao and Adam Small, have founded a new social media platform, channelinks.com.

This new social media platform combines all your favorites, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Vine. Channel inks allows you to create your own channels by sharing your favorite videos from around the web with friends and your followers!

The steps to join are simple and easy:
1. Go to channelinks.com
2. Sign up using your name and email
3. Discover and find video links from all over the web
4. Share your favorite video links with your friends and followers
5. Build your channels and your follower base

Starting Monday, November 17th-19th Channelinks will be hold a University wide club competition. Your club will create a Channelinks page where you goal will be to get the most likes on your page. The winner will be chosen by whatever club has the most likes on their page will win a $700 food and drink compensation to Gentle Bens!

On Monday, November 17th we will be kicking off this competition by hosting an event outside on the first floor of Eller. There will be free drinks, food and a projector to show how to sign up and navigate through Channelinks.

Join now (channelinks.com) and like the Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/Channelinkspage)