The Edward Jones Portfolio Challenge Experience

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ej Marie participated in the Edward Jones Portfolio Challenge last year and her team was selected as the winner.

By Marie Archibald

I heard about the EJPC from professors and from fellow students who were also planning to compete in the challenge. I thought that it would be a beneficial way to gain hands on experience and a chance for some friendly competition.

I worked with three other finance majors: Jessica Schulte, Lauren Hoepfner, and Andrew Magill.  We were all taking the Wall Street Professional Development class at the time and are all good friends which made the whole experience more fun. We divided the work according to our strengths.  For example, Andrew Magill covered most of the fixed income securities because he knew more about them than the rest of the group.  We did work more collaboratively as the competition progressed because we wanted to understand each other’s parts entirely.

Out of the five teams that made it to the final round, we were one of two sophomore teams. We were ecstatic when the two sophomore teams took first and second place!  We were not expecting to win which made it that much more exciting.

Participating in the EJPC is a great way to get real world experience. You are given the opportunity to step into the shoes of a financial advisor and create a portfolio for a fictitious Edward Jones client.

To learn more about the EJPC visit:

The kick-off is  Thursday, February 5, 2015 at 5:00pm in McClelland Hall Room 207 (Berger).