The Importance of Digital Marketing Skills

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By Ally Lee

Last year I had the opportunity to work at Nuanced Media through their internship program.  I was assigned the position of Junior Account Executive which seemed like a title above my skill set at the time. Of the “real” jobs I’ve worked thus far, Nuanced Media provided the steepest learning curve which accelerated my marketing skill set.  Rather than doing mundane tasks such as getting coffee and picking up dry cleaning, Nuanced Media fostered independence, creativity and career growth.  They included me as part of the team from the outset. Everyone there was more than willing to help you learn as much as you could.  Going into the internship, I knew I would be helping clients with marketing and gaining exposure for their businesses, however, by the time I completed my internship, I learned: How to build a website, basic coding, how to create Facebook ads and re-targeting ads, how to create a lead gen page and how to integrate Google Analytics. Within the first week, I had my own list of clients and shortly thereafter, I was meeting with them and helping them find solutions for their marketing objectives.

Over the summer I landed an internship at DeutschLA where there were over 700 applicants and only 12 spots.  I owe a huge part of that to my internship at Nuanced Media.  The skill set I acquired there has opened doors and helped me stand out among my peers.  I am extremely grateful for my time at Nuanced Media, and all the amazing people I met there!

You too can learn from Nuanced Media CEO, Ryan Flannagan, on January 27th. He is hosting a digital marketing workshop in McClelland Hall from 5pm-7pm. You will learn about website design, branding, retargeting, SEO, and social media marketing. Click here to RSVP.