Why Excel Skills are Important in Today’s Job Market

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BenMalisewski_Microsoft (2)By Ben Malisewski

This summer as an intern for Microsoft, I was given a tremendous opportunity to drive impactful change into the commercial licensing business, which was the area my internship focused on. Within my first week, I realized just how important data was going to be throughout my project. My internship was designed that after the 12 week program I was to present my project and recommendations to the general manager.

While I made some initial observations and formed various hypotheses during the first few weeks, having strong data to back up those hypotheses to convince an executive to take action is essential. I spent a good amount of my time manipulating large amounts of data and extracting conclusions from it. Utilizing functions within Excel like pivot tables, VLOOKUP and a handful of other skills was essential to my success as an intern. Even when I came across functions that I had not seen before, having a high level of comfort within the software allowed me to experiment with different equations and functions and ultimately understand more than I did prior to my internship.

No mater what industry you go into, understanding data, manipulating data, and presenting data is an essential skill that you need and one that employers are looking for.

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