Winter Externship: Jessica Hosek at JW Marriott

Eller PDC Student Stories

untitledWhere did you extern and where was the company located?

JW Marriott Starr Pass in Tucson Arizona

Who did you shadow at the company and what was their role/ job title?

Meredith Nicklas: Director of Finance and Accounting

Why did you want to do this externship?

I wanted to gain a better understanding of the Director’s position within the company and what kind of finance career opportunities are offered within the hospitalitly industry. 

What did you do during this job shadow experience?

Throughout the day,  I attended a variety of meetings involving the resort’s Accounting Department, management, and executive board members.  I observed the Director’s role and examined specific reports pertaining to each meeting. I was also exposed to multiple departments within the resort and the directors involvement within each department.

What did you learn as a result of the externship?

After this externship I have become increasingly interested in pursuing a career within the hospitality industry.  It was great to hear how passionate and dedicated the employee’s within the resort are about their job and the company they work for.  Many employee’s I met have been working for the Marriott for at least 10 years.  I have also learned the importance for specific positions such as the Director of Finance and Accounting to understand the roles and operations of each department within the resort to optimize success for the company.