Dream Careers: Emily Mcsherry, Matthew Robbins Design

Eller PDC Student Stories

Emily Mcsherry


Emily is a senior studying Business Management and Entrepreneurship.

1. How was your experience with Dream Career’s summer internship program in New York? Who did you work for? What projects did you work on or what events did you attend?

My experience with Dream Careers in New York was exactly what I was looking for. I actually pre-determined I wanted to intern with Matthew Robbins Design before knowing about Dream Careers, and then decided to also participate in the program because I wanted to live with other college students and have resources that would be beneficial to me while living in a new city.

I wanted to intern at Matthew Robbins Design because I had personal interest to explore the Event Management and Design, and Brand Management industry in New York City. It enabled me to build new skill sets, get hands-on experience, and attend special events throughout famous New York venues and other parts of the East Coast for top-tier clients. My favorite events through my internship were visiting the Martha Stewart Headquarters to assist with a photo shoot, and help with the design and prep for the wedding of Obama’s head chef where John Mayer surprised everyone as a guest performer! Not only did I love learning about such a unique industry, but living in the New York University dorms in the heart of Manhattan also enabled me to explore the extraordinary aspects of New York City.

2. How did this internship allow you to be successful in finding your next internship or full time position?

After interning with Matthew Robbins Design, I realized that I enjoyed working directly with clients, developing new business, creating marketing strategies, and branding aspects of events more than actually managing event operations. This lead me to further pursue these interests by becoming VP of Marketing for my start-up M.U.D. Bars as part of the McGuire Entrepreneurship Program, where I have been able to experiment with creating marketing and branding strategies for my venture while expanding other aspects of new business development. It has also lead me to pursuing my recently acquired full-time position after graduation where I will be working directly with new clients, helping develop new business, and assisting in the development of marketing strategies in Santa Monica, CA.

3. Would you recommend the Dream Careers summer internship programs to other Eller students?

I would especially recommend Eller students to participate in the Dream Careers program if there is a specific city, country, or industry you are yearning to live in or work in. The program provides you with an automatic community of students similar to you where you can establish new relationships, and gives you the foundation to explore personal interests in a specific industry or location, which you may not be able to do otherwise. In cities such as New York, the Dream Careers Program offers a comparatively affordable and safe way to live in a foreign place while pursuing an internship of your interest. Participating in the program will also give you a professional reference and internship experience to put on your resume to help you acquire future endeavors, and can leave you with lasting relationships with students from around the world and an experience you will never forget.