Eller’s Newest Club Will be Making Impacts in the Tucson Community

Eller PDC Clubs & Orgs

By Victoria Preciado, Eller Service Honorary Community Outreach Director

Eller Service Honorary is Eller’s newest student organization. The purpose of the honorary is to bring together outstanding business students who are passionate about service and improving the Tucson community. Due to the high number of well qualified applicants, the club has recruited 120 members for their introductory semester.

Members in this club are split up into 10 committees depending on their interest and will be fulfilling 10 service hours per semester through committee organized service projects. The Service Honorary has created a partnership with the Boys & Girls club and will have one committee dedicated to that organization. Additional committee focuses will be: Animals, Education/Reading Programs, Food/Hunger Relief, Healthcare, Adopt-A-Street, Youth Outreach, Senior Citizen Service & Care, Veterans/Military, and Education/School Beautification. Eller Service Honorary hopes to greatly impact the community through coverage of diverse organizations and service projects.

We have many exciting projects planned allowing leadership from the Service Honorary members and involvement from all Eller students. Members will play an integral part in planning and facilitating Eller’s annual Make a Difference Day, as well as introducing “Be Kind Week” leading up to Eller’s two-day event. Additionally, Service Honorary members will be hosting Eller’s first business suit drive this spring semester. The suit drive will allow Eller students to participate in giving back by donating old business professional or business casual clothing.

Monthly meetings will allow all 120 members to convene as a group and learn of the progress of each committee’s projects. Members will be updated on the status of their committee service projects and be introduced to additional volunteer opportunities, as all members are welcomed and encouraged to take part in community events outside of their respective committee. Members will also be exposed and connected to non-profit leaders in the Tucson community through speakers at club meetings.

The Eller College of Management is thrilled to have an honorary focused on giving back. Eller Service Honorary members are excited to make a positive impact in the Tucson community.