Dream Job Spotlight: Andre Vidaller, Google

Eller PDC Student Stories

Andre VidallerMy name is Andre Vidaller and I am originally from Santos, Brazil. After two years playing professional tennis I started to think what I really wanted to be in the future. That is when I opened my eyes for this great opportunity that the University of Arizona offered me: receive an athletic scholarship and pursue a degree. I have to confess that I was a bit nervous because I did not speak a word in English. Now here I am majoring in Business Finance and Entrepreneurship and minoring in Global Business after four and a half years. I am very thankful for the University of Arizona to provide me this great opportunity to come to the United States to play the sport that I love and to develop new professional skills. The experience has been unbelievable and I made lifetime friends in the athletics department and in Eller.

What is the position you have accepted?

This upcoming summer I am joining Google, in Ireland. The position is called Associate Account Strategist, where I have a portfolio of Small and Medium Business (SMB) clients and I provide alternative ways to advertise their product and/or service. My team provides marketing solutions for those companies by understanding their wants and needs.

How did you land this opportunity?

During the summer of 2014 I worked in New York City for RBC Capital Markets, which made me develop new professional skills. The experience was great and at the same time it made me realize that this was not the industry that I wanted to devote my career. When I came back for the Fall I started the ‘job hunt’ and it was not easy because I am a foreigner (and there are many regulations that makes harder for international students to stay in the United States upon graduation).

I applied for Google in Ireland in its website. As soon as I sent my application, I started searching for people on LinkedIn that worked at Google to ask for advice. I got in contact with two people who helped me prepare for the interviews. One of them made an internal referral, which helped me to get selected for the first interview. The application process took a little time as it is not easy to communicate all the time through Google hangout. I did not have to complete any tests. The company likes to see the situation, task, actions, and results method when a candidate is answering a question. During the interviews they ask scenarios questions and there are basically no correct answers. They want to see the thought process and decision-making of the candidates.

The process was hard and productive at the same time because I was learning a lot about the company through research. I devoted time to prepare for the interviews to better understand the company, industry, market, trends, opportunities, competition, current news, etc. I had about five interviews on Google Hangout and about two weeks ago I accepted the offer to join Google. I am very happy with this new cycle of my life that is about to start and I am looking forward to increase my knowledge. As always, I am lucky to have the support from my friends and family and I am sure many of them will come for a visit.