Dream Job Spotlight: Chaunteal Rasmussen, Raytheon Missile Systems

Eller PDC Student Stories

ChauntealBy Chaunteal Rasmussen

My name is Chaunteal Rasmussen and I am a senior studying Management Information Systems (MIS) at the Eller College of Management. I entered the University of Arizona as a high school Salutatorian with a full-ride scholarship, as a first generation college student, and as an engineering and math major. However, through self-discovery, I learned that MIS was my true calling and I switched majors during my freshman year.

Being someone who always loves to stay busy and involved, I quickly became immersed in the U of A experience. I started by being an Arizona Assurance Scholar. My other campus and community involvement has included: the Society of Women Engineers (SWE), Women in Science and Engineering (WISE), Campus Girl Scouts of Southern Arizona, Management Information Systems Association (MISA), the Economics Book Club, the Cohort Advisory Board, Project SOAR (Student Outreach for Access & Resiliency), RWEST (Raytheon Women in Engineering, Science and Technology) Jr., Creative Communications and Learning Advisory Council (CCLAC) Inc., numerous business and IT consulting ventures, and the Eller Centurion Senior Honorary. In addition, I have worked on campus for 2 years at the UITS’ 24/7 IT Support Center and have helped to execute a STEM summer camp for low-income middle school girls called the Applied Career Exploration in Science (ACES) Camp since 2006.

With all of these experiences, I have gained an immense amount of knowledge and opportunities, one of which was developing Raytheon mentors and contacts over the years dating back to sixth grade. Ever since my first encounter with Raytheon employees, I have wanted to work for the world-renowned company. I have continuously worked at building my Raytheon network, getting involved with Raytheon community outreach, and being aware of the job opportunities that became available. After having applied many times, I was finally given an opportunity to interview at Raytheon Missile Systems here in Tucson, AZ for a Configurations Analyst position.

At this interview, I was not only interviewed for the Configurations Analyst position, but also by the Data Management team. After each interview was completed, both departments offered me jobs on the spot! It was an incredible experience and one that I never expected. After contemplating both offers and doing my research, I finally decided that the Configurations Analyst position would make me the happiest, and I officially accepted that offer. I will be participating in coordinating assigned configuration management activities (identification, control, verification and accounting for systems and equipment), performing data analyses on technical engineering data, assisting in implementing customer requirements, and reviewing released data and then coordinating that data with multiple departments.

Coming next month, I will be a first generation college graduate, Raytheon Employee, and a University of Arizona and Eller Alumni! My future is looking bright, and it is all due to persistence in pursuing my goals, and always having heart in what I do!