Where Are They Now: Perry Klauber ’10, Gallagher & Kennedy

Eller PDC Alumni Stories

KlauberTell us a little bit about yourself.

I grew up in Phoenix, went to Brophy College Preparatory for high school, and graduated from Eller in 2010 with a finance degree.  I was heavily involved in Eller leadership, President of the Financial Management Association, and graciously awarded the Fielding-Singh Award for academic success in finance.  As a junior and senior, I was very interested in investment banking and did everything I could to set myself up for a career in investment banking.  During senior year, I worked a lot with Pete Corrigan on my networking abilities and learned invaluable skills for connecting with professionals via phone calls and meetings.  To this day, those sessions with Pete pay me dividends because of my ease with networking.  Eventually, I secured an investment banking internship after graduation at a boutique investment bank in San Francisco during probably the worst economic climate to want to be an investment banker.

What have you been doing since you graduated Eller?

After graduation, I interned with the investment bank, Rutberg & Company, for about six months.  While I probably could have secured a full-time job there or elsewhere and continued my investment banking career, eventually I found that i-banking was not for me.  I moved back to Phoenix, studied for the LSAT, and began law school at Arizona State University (don’t hate me, ha!) after a year with PayPal in Chandler doing commercial underwriting.  Fortunately, I was awarded a generous scholarship to attend law school due to my prior achievements.  During law school, I’ve been fortunate enough to hold leadership positions with the Corporate & Business Law Society and Arizona State Law Journal.  In March 2013, I was awarded the Kevin M. Kane Memorial Book Scholarship, which was very meaningful to me because I knew Kevin before he died of cancer and he was like a father to me.  During law school, I secured two different internships at the two largest real estate investment trusts in Phoenix.  In 2014, I was lucky enough to have my legal article titled “Reversing a Wayward Trend: Why Courts Using the Functional Test are Right” published in the Arizona State Law Journal.  I am graduating from law school in May 2015.

What’s next on your career path?

I am very excited to have recently accepted a position as a new associate attorney at Gallagher & Kennedy in Phoenix.  G&K is a large, Phoenix-based law firm with clients such as the Arizona Cardinals and Diamondbacks, among many other prestigious clients.  After taking the bar at the end of July 2015, I will begin work in September as part of the real estate transactional team.  My job will consist of continuing to service a REIT client and drafting the contracts for the many commercial real estate properties the REIT acquires and divests each year.  My time at Eller was invaluable to achieving my current position, and my business degree has paid me dividends in the legal and professional worlds.

What insights/advice would you share with current Eller students looking to pursue the same career?

Chase your dreams and be proud to support the places that helped mold you and create who you are.  You don’t always have to go to another, seemingly greater city to achieve greatness.  For example, while I could have moved to a different city and had a career elsewhere, I appreciate and love Phoenix.  I also understand that my strengths lie in Phoenix for a stellar career due to my network being in Phoenix from growing up here.  My family is also in Phoenix for moral support, which I predict will be especially important when I have children.  My next goals are to give back to Eller, ASU’s law school, and Brophy.  I feel that I owe these fine institutions for giving me so much and I want to help inspire future generations of leaders.