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  1. While not in a traditional internship for an Eller student, I worked in the laboratory of Dr. Rajesh Khanna over the summer and developed a vast arsenal of skills for critically thinking about pharmacology-oriented projects and how to design the most functional and relevant experiments. The creativity and logistical know-how required in that position certainly link back to the some of the business skills I set out to develop over the the course of the summer, and I’m immensely thankful to Dr. Khanna for taking the time to help me cultivate those capacities. He invested a great deal of both time and resources into my training, and as a result, I am now emerging from the summer with many more skills and having juggled increasingly significant responsibilities in the laboratory. Furthermore, he and his laboratory have welcomed me into their work family with open arms; through them, I see a manifestation of true passion and joy in the workplace. They inspire me to seek that for my own future career, and I can’t imagine having spent my summer anywhere else! Thank you!

  2. This past summer I interned at the Edmund Marquez Allstate agency. I was quickly taught how to communicate with customers and how to better help them with their needs. My Boss, Edmund, Was very helpful in teaching me the ins and outs of the agency and worked hard to encourage me to do different types of work that were a little out of my comfort zone. I had two Great co-workers, Jaselle and Vivian, who also helped me along the way and answered any questions I had. After the internship ended Edmund offered me a job and now I continue to learn new things in aspects of business from him everyday. I’d like to thank my Boss Edmund for providing me this amazing opportunity and for helping me to gain more experience in the business world.

  3. I spent my summer in the Big Apple with Yelp as a Sales Associate Intern. I cannot speak more highly of my experience living in NYC and working for one of the most relevant tech companies. Working at Yelp immersed me in the sales cycle by allowing me to vet leads, cold call to identify candidates, pitch Yelp ads to business owners alongside top Account Executives, and welcome new clients to Yelp. I can speak so highly of my experience because my internship manager, Amanda Davis, dedicated herself to answering every question I (and my 9 other fellow interns) had. She shared her trade secrets, experience, and overall heart! Amanda created an intern culture that embraced Yelp company values and helped me make connections with top Account Executives. Her dedication to my success helped me walk away from my internship with a full-time job offer, knowledge of the sales world, and invaluable connections. I am so grateful!

  4. This past summer I worked as an Assistant Buyer Intern at Ross Stores, Inc. in Los Angeles, CA. While not only working with the absolute best HR Mentor I’ve ever met, Bert Stewart, I was also placed to worked under the West Coast Women’s Shoes Buyer, Barbara Yost. Barb was the most sensational woman to work for in numerous ways. She was patient, gave me endless opportunities to grow in my intern role, allowed me to take full responsibility in my work, and taught me so much more than I could have ever asked for. Working for Ross for 41 years, Barb knew a thing or two about her job! Getting my first glimpse at the corporate work environment while working for Barb was hands down the best experience, and I could not be more thankful for her and all that she taught me in the short 10 weeks of my internship. I believe that it is because of Barbara that I have found my passion for the retail industry, and I cannot wait to apply my marketing degree to my passion for fashion. Many thanks, Barb, I appreciate all you have done!

  5. This summer I had the incredible opportunity to work as a Knowledge Management Intern for a company called Pekin Insurance in Illinois. The IT Department that I was able to work with was named Top 200 Places to Work in IT by ComputerWorld Magazine. I am from Scottsdale, AZ and was led to apply for this position by having mutual connections with my boss, Diane Gorham, on LinkedIn. Not only is Diane a UofA MIS grad and the Executive Director of Solutions for the IT Department, but she also has become an amazing mentor and leader that I hope to be like one day. Throughout the 12 weeks of the internship, she held me accountable for projects that affected the wellness of the company, included me in conferences and training, and even challenged me to present my final analysis to the CIO. With zero experience going into the position, I can say that I left with more confidence, valuable skills, better knowledge of my strengths/weaknesses, and a great network of successful people in the industry. Thank you, Diane for helping me develop a passion for the IT industry and a very fun summer!

  6. This summer I got my first job as a Purchasing Card reconciler for the University of Arizona’s Molecular and Cellular Biology Business Office. This opportunity was the best way for me to get involved early on campus and start working towards my major. First coming to this job I was nervous. This was a huge university and this was my first real job. My employer, Barb Johnson, immediately helped me feel welcome at the work place and in the university. At the onset, I was unsure if I even wanted to go into business. My dad found success it in so I thought I might give it a try. After spending only 3 months at this job I have decided business it what I want to do with my future. I am surrounded by accountants and business managers everyday and I aspire to be just like each and every one of them. The work they do is exactly what I want for my future helping some other organization thrive. This job was an opportunity I received over the summer that lasts as student work throughout the school year. I am receiving opportunities to work directly with accountants and start using applications like Excel when I am only 18. That has already started paying off as I am currently enrolled in MIS 111. Mrs. Johnson has given me an opportunity that I greatly appreciate. Everyday when I walk in the office she asks me how my day is going and how college is so far. She is always there if I have any questions about anything or need someone to talk to. In this crazy transition she has been such a help and a mentor to me and I am extremely grateful.

  7. Although it is a very unconventional job for a Marketing major, I have been blessed to work for the Tucson Fire Department as a Public Safety Dispatcher. I am a firm believer that there is a takeaway from every job and I love that my job and the amazing people I work with have the opportunity to make an impact on our community every day. At first I was apprehensive about my ability to balance school with 12 hour shifts, but my boss was extremely supportive. Like me, Ana is a mom who always put her sons first. As they got older, she decided to add a degree to her priority list and recently graduated with her Bachelors. She understood the magnitude of my aspirations at Eller and made every accommodation to ensure I was able to attend every class. She gave me the extra support and reassurance I needed to hold it all together while I pursued my goals and provided for my family. Ana has taught me how to believe in myself and not let anything stand in the way of my goals. The confidence she has given me is something that keeps me striving for my best at Eller everyday. Ana is an amazing woman I am proud to know and I will never take the impact she has had on my life for granted.

  8. I worked for Cinemark Theaters located in Tucson, AZ which provides great quality movies to all the customers that come in.My boss was the fantastic Jerry. I worked for Jerry for a year and a half. Throughout this opportunity, he has taught me many things that allowed me to grow and be successful. Before receiving this job, I was not confident and he gave me a piece of advice that changed my life. Jerry told me that I had to believe in myself in order to be successful. From that point on I was confident and I started growing and learning as time went on. Jerry is an amazing guy and he does not know he taught me this, but he taught me that a person should always help in the workplace. He has always hired people that were broken or damaged. After working for Jerry, everybody always turns out better. In addition, he taught me how to be a leader after he helped me develop my confidence. Jerry was a great role model and has provided me with a great example to what the workplace should be and how to be your best.

  9. Without physically leaving my house and my family, I changed my residency to my summer job at Old Navy. Why would any person call the all-American department store their home? My manager, Chelley Rentz, was like a mother to me this summer and there is no better way to explain it. Simple math proves I saw my manager more times out of the week than I saw my biological mother at home. Chelley raised a superb staff that quickly became my family at our suburban, north Phoenix location. My family had a blast working at Old Navy: the epitome of crazy retail with an abundance of irrefusable sales, passionate (yet, sometimes rude) customers, rambunctious children and balloons, lots of balloons. Naturally, there were dark, rough times, such as $1 Flip Flop Day, when I did not want to live at my store anymore and I struggled to hold on to that principal passion for people that got me hired in the first place. During these times, I seeked a mentor and guidance from anyone who would listen. Lucky for me, my Manager/Mom, Chelley, had open ears and an open office door. Chelley got me through my summer at Old Navy and gave me that necessary boost to continue my journey with our staff and our company. At the beginning of the summer, I was an eager, innocent new hire. Come time to leave for Tucson to attend the University of Arizona for pre-business, I was a wise, unstoppable, Gap Inc. employee with no obstacles and a soft spot in my heart for balloons. Thank you Chelley Rentz for your undeniable passion and dedication in our amazing store.

  10. This summer I had the chance to work at Red Activa, it’s a logistics business located at Hermosillo, Sonora Mexico. Red Activa is in charge of the distribution of several products in Sonora such as Danone. The CEO Cesar Diaz was an excellent boss as he assigned me a very interesting assignment related to my interests and major. Cesar asked me to do a worksheet that would help the company to have a better idea of the efficiency of every single route. After several attempts and meetings to look at what I have done, Cesar would be explaining me why my work was going to be really helpful and what he was planning to do on every weakness that we could look at in the worksheet. It was really good to work at Red Activa as I learned several accountability things and would relate with the people working on the administration of the company.

  11. This past summer I had the opportunity to learn from two Eller alumni, Jake and Brittany Kagele. Jake and Brittany, initiated Nova Financial and Insurance Services in 2009, and has grown in a very successful financial firm from their hard work. After a professional interview, Jake gave me the opportunity to work for him as a summer intern for a duration of 10 weeks. Going in I had very basic fundamental knowledge of the financial industry and knew I was going to be challenged to do projects and expected to be fully efficient in the tasks I do. Not only did I exceed my own expectations, I created a great relationship with Jake and Brittany. They both pushed me to work hard as I learned about the financial market and how to manage client’s assets. They prepared me well before starting my Eller experience. Jake and Brittany are perfect examples of what Eller is all about, they give back to the community in more than one way and help others develop their skills to be successful as well. It is because of them I still intend to continue to work with them in the future and have made several great relationships that I wont be able to forget. Thank you.

  12. My boss was amazing. He’s taught me so much and has mentored me continually. He’s helped prepare me for internships and jobs in the future (connected me with one of his friends at another startup for a potential internship in San Francisco next summer). He was also a really cool CEO; he raised a venture capital round without meeting one of the investors (he raised the money over a skype call). He also understands all parts of the business (he’s worked in marketing/software development/design) and is from Australia. He also taught me life skills and how to meet people in a new city (he lived in 7 cities in 7 years – including London, Buenos Aires, and San Francisco. He also taught me how to build software communities and help inspire me to learn how to program. I interned for him 2 summers (He made a bold move and gave me the chance to intern for him when I was a freshmen as well). He’s a really cool guy and deserves this because he’s raised millions of dollars for his company and has built an amazing software community – programmers that Google, Facebook, and Linkedin salivate over. He’s a great friend too and I can always instant message him on gchat or give him a call. He really deserves this award because he has the boldness to take chances and help others rise up. He’s a community builder and his company has been mentioned in books as the coming change in software with agile development and pair programming. Please pick Jonathon Kresner for this award – Tyler Bauer, Marketing Intern @ AirPair

  13. I have worked at the UofA Campus Recreation for a little over a year and I can say I am extremely fortunate to have a boss like Jennie. She knows that I am working to gain as much experience as possible and always trusts me to perform various tasks that help benefit the Rec Center. Jennie has allowed me to develop personally and professionally. She will put time aside to help me develop my resume and cover letter so I can remain competitive in finding an internship. I came into the Rec Center as an Office Assistant and within the year of working Jennie provided me with 2 promotions to later become a Financial Student Coordinator. When you have a boss as great as Jennie you will always work above your potential because you would not want to disappoint her. Jennie is an outstanding leader and I would not be where I am today without her help. Please consider awarding Jennie Van Acker this opportunity. Thank you.

  14. This summer I had the opportunity to work for Crexendo, a Voice Over IP telecom company. My internship allowed for a diverse set of jobs including social-media marketing, cold-calling, partner recruiting, and even the creation of some advertising materials. With so many ‘hats’ and a ton of industry-specific jargon, I had a LOT of questions. Dave Jindra was the absolute best boss I could have asked for! He explained everything really well, cracked a ton of jokes, and overall made my three months at Crexendo an awesome experience. The cherry on top? He gives the best advice, hands down. Thanks for such a positive summer iternship, Dave!

  15. This summer i interned at Vantage West Credit Union. My boss, Cassie Garber, was easy to work with and took a genuine interest in both my personal life and professional development. My internship was project-based, so I got to work with different departments within the corporate office to complete my projects. Cassie gave me the freedom to prioritize my time how I saw fit. She allowed me to sit in on Executive meetings when I asked to observe the group dynamics and how the departments interacted with each other. With her vested interest in my own personal growth, she demonstrated several different things on the company website and their social media pages so I could add different skills to my resume, that weren’t already part of the planned internship. Cassie truly wanted to make my internship a well-rounded professional experience, where I could work on projects that directly impacted the company’s key results, and in turn helped me develop my own professional skills.

  16. For most college students, summers are meant for relaxation and reflection. A time to look back on your former year and formulate a plan to improve in the upcoming year. However, for business students, summers are reserved for experience in your field, internships with companies, and networking with future employers. This summer was an obstacle to say the least. The first few weeks were never-ending with stress and loss in my personal life. Then I was hired at SMOKE Open Fire Cooking as an event specialist. I worked as a liaison between clients and the wonderful team at SMOKE. In Napa Valley, most of our events were in coalition with the wineries up valley and private events. Realizing I was a business student, Irma and Morgan taught me lessons in business management, accounting, and most of all problem solving. The hands on experience of working with a consultant at the firm encouraged me to work outside my comfort zone of technology and branch into a new database that increased efficiency. Through the change we managed to smooth out obstacles while also providing the Napa Valley experience with an Argentinean inspired flare that our consumers knew and loved. The company allowed me to test myself in areas of business that I formerly would have skimmed over in books. I want to give all of my thanks and gratitude to Irma and Morgan Robinson and the SMOKE team for creating the perfect summer. I wish you all the luck in opening the coffee shop and all of your endeavors. I look forward to working with you again soon!

  17. Karina has been my boss for a couple years now; and she has always been just as happy, just as helpful, and just as friendly. Especially working over the summer at OSCR, employees tend to be in their own labs by themselves. This makes it especially hard for student employees to not only get in touch with their boss, but also to get to know them as a person. Karina goes above and beyond to know every individual, instructively criticize, and meet with us individually in order to achieve both professional and personal goals. Over the summer Karina would check on student employees throughout different labs, work with UITS (University Information Technology Services) to get new software, hardware, and ultimately overhauled OSCR to a much more efficient and refreshing resource that students, staff, and faculty can all utilize on campus. The employees at OSCR have also gone through vigorous training, and OSCR has now become a more utilizable resource due to extensive knowledge that can help a wide variety of clientele. Karina has taught numerous life lessons, such as; how to properly network, how to prepare for the future in an underwhelming way, how to deal with difficult people and situations, and SO much more. I am very grateful to have Karina looking out for me as both an employee and a person. Constructive criticism is one of the most important thing that Karina has taught me while working over this summer. Karina was able to spend more time with employees individually, as time permitted. Karina would not only tell us what we were doing wrong, but where we went wrong, and provided other perspectives in which we could look at our mistakes. Karina would also praise employees for their hard work, or for going that extra mile. Karina has been both a great mentor and boss to me, and I hope this semester is as productive as this summer. Thank you Karina for all that you do!

  18. I am currently going on one full year working here on campus at the University of Arizona Bookstore. Throughout this past year, I have gained so much knowledge regarding business retail as well as myself, both professionally and personally. The one individual who has had the greatest influence on me during my time here at the Bookstore has been my boss, Kitty Martinez. Kitty has educated me so much about how to be an efficient worker in the business retail industry. My improved skills in customer service, time management, and problem solving are in very large part thanks to her. Kitty has also put a great amount of trust in me during my rather short period of time here, which has led me to become a more motivated and enthusiastic worker. I always want to go above and beyond for her with whatever it is I am tasked with doing. I tremendously appreciate how Kitty has contributed to my growth as a person. Thank you Kitty!

  19. This past summer I had the pleasure of interning at TEKsystems here in Tucson. TEKsystems is the nations leading IT solutions provider catering to companies both large and small. From the day I stepped foot in the office to her last day before maternity leave, one of my managers, Megan Soto, was right beside me to teach, support, and provide advice. I was immediately inspired by Megan. Most days she was the first in the office and the last to leave. Even 8-9 months pregnant, she never missed a day or complained once. Not only did she provide me with invaluable knowledge that I will take to the workforce when I graduate, but also served as a prime example of one of the hardest working and passionate people I know. Megan treated and trusted me as an employee rather than an intern. She held me accountable and pushed me every single day and provided feedback and constructive criticism that helped me grow both personally and professionally. I will continue to be inspired by Megan’s professionalism, work ethic, and passion in all that she does. Thank you for everything, Megan!

  20. This summer I had an incredible experience at Honeywell in Phoenix, AZ as a Business Systems Analyst intern. My positive experience with Honeywell can be largely attributed to my boss Neel, who was very supportive of me as well as all of the summer interns. He made sure that I was given meaningful projects that gave me terrific exposure to Honeywell Corporate IT and the different business units as a whole, so that I was able to better understand Honeywell IT’s mission in serving these business units and realize how impactful my projects were to the entire company. Neel was incredibly involved day to day in making the internship the best possible experience for me. He went out of his way to introduce me to many different Honeywell IT employees to give me a real feel for the many different places I could go and what I could do as a full time Honeywell employee first hand, which was very important to me. I was never micromanaged, and was treated with the respect of a fellow colleague, making sure I never felt out of place and always enjoyed what I was doing. Neel made sure that I was constantly learning new things and sharpening my business acumen every day while simultaneously ensuring I was not overwhelmed and was enjoying my internship and summer in Phoenix. What really blew me away was that he even went so far as asking me what I was interested in that I would want to do post-graduation, found a full time position that matched my interests based on our conversation, and gave me a meeting with my potential future boss in that division to ensure that I would not be receiving a ‘general’ job offer, but an offer under a boss I admired and in a position that would be challenging and rewarding for me. To top it off, Neel went out of his way in facilitating a part-time from home position for me to continue my internship until graduation based on how much I enjoyed working for Honeywell this past summer. Overall, my boss Neel made an extremely positive impact on me and left me in awe at how enjoyable an internship at a multinational company with 130,000 employees could be.

  21. This summer I worked in the Chemistry Biochemistry Business Office at the University of Arizona. My boss, Casandra, was always there to help me and encourage me to do my best. Another student worker and I were given the task to completely rearrange and go through everything in our storage room, which was full of files and purchasing records all the way from the 1970’s. Along with this, I also had to reconcile purchases in a timely manner. My boss, Casandra, helped me in learning better time management and helped me to develop my organization skills. I learned so much about financial record keeping and the reconciliation process here at the University of Arizona. I will always look up to Casandra as a mentor and friend. I thank her very much for helping me develop my professional skills and building my confidence in a business environment.

  22. This summer I had an awesome experience interning at Tradeshift in San Francisco, CA as their content marketing and communications intern. My awesome experience with Tradeshift can be largely attributed to one of my bosses, Kate. I worked under Kate for part of my summer and got to learn the small business side of things at Tradeshift. Kate was very supportive and understanding, she’s a great teacher as well. This summer I got to dip my toes into blogging and Kate pushed me to become a better writer and publish my first blog post on the Tradeshift blog. Kate made sure I was constantly learning new things and was always kept busy. I got to develop and manage social sharing calendars for enterprise and SMB content as well as produce/post content that got hundreds of views. Kate was very patient with me and made this internship so fun, not only was she a great friend but a great boss as well. I loved working under someone who I really admired. Overall, my boss Kate made an extremely positive impact on me and I had an awesome time working with her this past summer. She really opened my eyes to how great a startup company could be! Thanks for being the greatest boss ever, Kate!!!

  23. Over the summer, I had an internship with Radia Interactive, Inc. with my dad, Roderick Prince. Growing up, my dad continuously told me that I would be great as an MIS major, but I never really thought it would be for me until I came to college and found out for myself. After my freshman year, my dad allowed me to intern for his company in order to learn the basics of what it meant to work as a software developer in the field of MIS. I believe my boss, and dad, should win this award because he is the most determined, strong, and caring person I know. He had a lot of medical issues within the last year, which really opened my eyes to just how persistent of a person he is, and I really learned through his actions what it meant to be dedicated to something. While I obviously have a bigger connection to my dad than most employer-employee relationships do, I truly believe that my dad deserves this award because of how much he has worked in order to be capable of teaching me as much as he did this summer. He truly showed me not only what it means to be a hard-working, determined, and dedicated employee, but also a good and true person, which is why I think he deserves every possible award I could imagine.

  24. This summer I worked as an outreach scholar for the 2015 Gencyber Camp. The camp had many sponsors including the NSA and was supported by the MIS department at the University of Arizona. The camp centered on cyber forensics and allowed the campers to work with programs such as java and eclipse (the students worked with scripting and decoding). During the summer, I acted as a facilitator, working closely with Dr. Neumann. I am nominating Dr. Neumann because of his tireless work ethic in organizing and running camp. He demonstrated great efficiency and dedication in all of his tasks; this encouraged me as a counselor to work harder. Through Dr. Neumann’s encouragement, I was put into situations that allowed me to grow and I improved my ability to work in stressful and diverse situations. Finally, Dr. Neumann provided me with the freedom to be creative and to feel comfortable sharing my ideas. I believe that this experience was a valuable way to spend my summer because I was able to learn more about the MIS field while acting in a position that allowed me to take on different challenges. I believe that this is in large part due to the person who I was able to work with, Dr. Neumann.

  25. This summer, I completed my third full-time internship at Freeport-McMoRan, Inc. under the direction of Dan Bleak, Strategic Sourcing Manager in the Global Supply Chain department. He assigned me to a project that truly impacted the entire global corporation in an initiative to improve the contracts request system. The responsibility and trust he granted me with this project was far beyond what most interns get in the company, so it was a very humbling and honorable experience. I was tasked with creating a spend management plan for fiscal year 2016 and also aiding with the revamp of the supplier qualification process. The former task was done completely by me, with Dan providing guidance when I asked for it; he was very good at not micromanaging me, something I truly appreciate. The latter task was one that he and I worked on together, and this is where I truly benefited from his 30 plus years of supply chain experience. In this project, he showed me what a true procure-to-pay system looks like in the ideal and how to achieve this in the real world. I am so thankful for everything he taught me, not only about supply chain but also about life. We still remain in very close contact, and I do not see that changing anytime soon.

  26. This summer I had an internship in Sydney, Australia. I interned at Business Connector, a small consulting firm. While I was at Business Connector, I worked very closely with my boss, Mike as a “Marketing Communications Intern”. This job included editing and putting together many informational videos to be put on the website and then shared on social media. My roles were posting on Facebook groups and pages, writing social messages, creating the “expert” videos, making phone calls, and promoting events. Mike was an awesome boss for many reasons. First of all, he really invested in me. He gave me meaningful projects that actually challenged me. This was my first internship where I actually felt I was helping the company out significantly. Secondly, Mike was a very good teacher. He gave me very constructive criticism that helped me grow. Lastly, Mike cared about my future. He always asked me what I wanted to do when I gradated, and gave me projects and advice in congruence with my goals.

  27. For the summer I worked full time for AFNI call center here in Tucson. I would like to nominate my direct supervisor Shari Guerrero for “Love My Boss” because of the outstanding leadership skills and business acumen she possess. I have worked for the company for two years and during that time several issues had arisen between me and the company leading me to give my resignation. Shari took over as my coach right after I had submitted my resignation in June and asked a simple question that no one else had bothered to ask…..why was I resigning. This simple question lead to a long conversation via email that had me giving every reason why I disliked the company. This conversation also made me view my work performance in a diffrent light and lead me to change my work habits and take responsibility for many of the issues with AFNI. Shari then took my concerns to her fellow supervisors and lead them in making changes to better the company based on my comments. Shari then asked if I would stay on and see if the changes made the work environment more suitable to employees.

    The changes not only made me and my co workers a lot happier but also made me proud to be part of the company. It’s not often you find a leader like Shari who takes the gripes of one worker and turns around a complete workforce. Shari saw how making small changes would increase moral and in turn increase productivity. Since she lead the management team making small changes all stats have risen for the company and turn over has decreased.

    This experience has taught me that a great leader can make a huge change with simple information. As I go forward in my career I will follow the example she set for me and ask my employees what they think and how they perceive the organization. I will take this information and use it to better the organization and lead my peers with the information to create a work environment that is proactive and benefits both employees and comoany. The simple things make a huge impact on how a company is viewed, and as leaders we can not forget to address these little things.

  28. Let me tell you why my boss Kim is the best boss in the history of bosses. Over the past year, I’ve had the pleasure to work at Tucson Electric Power Company as an HR Student Intern. Working here has been a pleasure because of the great schedule flexibility, awesome work environment, and the endless opportunities for growth. Besides the fact that my boss is extremely hardworking and is always setting a good example for me, she makes working here really fun and she’s always willing to answer any questions that I may have. This summer, Kim gave me the opportunity to represent Tucson Electric Power at numerous career fairs alongside my other fellow interns. It was an eye opening experience to be on the employer side of the table when attending career fairs because I was able to ask the questions and listen to how potential candidates marketed themselves. Being on the employer side also allowed me to distinguish what qualities made certain candidates stand out from the rest. Now I feel like I am better prepared for career fairs I might attend in the future as an employer or a candidate. Not only do I believe Kim is an awesome coworker, but I believe she’s an outstanding human being. That is why I love my boss!

  29. Over the summer I had the privilege to intern with Amdia Software in Overland Park, KS. Amdia Software is a website and software design company that offers online marketing and search engine optimization services to RV Dealers. I worked at Amdia for 12 weeks over the summer and I’m nominating my boss, Bo Barron, because along with being a fantastic person to work with, he made educating the interns a priority. In addition to his duties as the CTO/general manager of Amdia, Bo frequently checked in with me to make sure I was always learning. Even once my internship was over, he decided to allow the other intern and I unlimited access to the website employees use to learn a variety of programming languages such as Java, Python, HTML and CSS. Bo was also a mentor to me and would offer advice on how to succeed in a corporate setting. He also provided me valuable insight on areas I could improve on and overall encouraged me grow as a person and an employee. I could imagine no person more deserving of this award.

  30. This summer, I had the opportunity to intern with Charles Schwab in their Austin, TX location. I worked in Active Trading with the Product Management team under the direction of one of the Product Owners. My manager, Todd Elliott, went above and beyond to ensure that I got what I wanted out of my internship.

    From Day 1, we had weekly one-on-ones to not only talk about my progress and performance, but also to talk about what I wanted to gain from the internship as a whole. I was given several meaningful projects while I was there. If there were specific skills that I hoped to acquire, roles that I wanted to gain more insight on, people that I wanted to speak to, or software that I wanted exposure to, then Todd would make it happen. As an employee there for nearly 15 years, Todd had the opportunity to move about the company and be introduced to so many roles. Because of this, he was able to reach out to various contacts and give me the chance to sit down in front of 20 different people with 20 different stories, and 20 different perspectives on how to make the most of an internship and career development. This list included two Vice Presidents and a Senior Vice President.

    Todd’s primary objective was to give me exposure. In addition to the informational interviews, I was encouraged to sit in on different meetings every day as well as participate in the daily team stand-ups. He was careful to explain the details of the content that I was not familiar with as well as the history of agile methodology at the company.

    With Todd’s help, I feel that I have found the career path that I want to pursue. He worked to make my internship a truly meaningful experience and I could not thank him enough for that. I love my boss!

  31. For over a year I have had the opportunity to work at Cancer Prevention Pharmaceuticals in Tucson and learned so many things that go on behind a startup in the life sciences industry. In particular, I nominate Chris Richied because as busy as he is being CFO and dealing with the frustrations of keeping a small company going, he always patiently explains things to interns while giving us the opportunity to get hands on with the business operations. He’s always interested in our stories and hobbies even though he may not participate in any of those activities. For those that have interned with him, we know how excited he gets about Excel and is always giving us tips that put us ahead of the game for the professional world.

    One thing that stood out to me this summer was when I had a bicycle accident one afternoon and the only thing I thought of was needing to get to work. After a kind stranger dropped me off at work, I walked in with bloody knees and hands but he surprisingly stayed calm while washing off my wounds and applying medication before calling my brother to pick me up. He of course did not let me come back to work that day. Then after I recovered, I was hit with bad fatigue and none of us knew why but I requested to come in later one day. He was very understanding and encouraged me to come late for a couple of days. These two incidences made me appreciate Chris and saw how much he cares about his interns and coworkers. There are great bosses that are willing to teach interns but what I love about Chris is that not only does he teach well, but he also makes an effort to connect with the interns and treat them like employees. I think Chris is an awesome boss and would be a great person for this award.

  32. This summer I was privileged to be The Phoenix Zoo’s Marketing and Communications Intern. Not only did I luck out and work at a fantastic place, I lucked out and worked with a fantastic boss- Rebecca Zandarski. Rebecca built this internship from the ground up. She sat down with me prior to my start date so she could fully understand what I was looking to get out of my summer internship at the Zoo. That is when I knew that I had a boss who cared about bettering my education, experience, and future. Rebecca handed me real responsibilities and was always good about communicating with me. I never felt uncomfortable asking for her guidance if I was unsure about how to do something. She made sure that I spent time in each of the departments that I was interested in, Marketing, Communications, and Development. She also allowed me to accompany her to numerous meetings, which expanded my professional network. If I am ever somebodies boss one day, I will strive to be the caliber of boss that Rebecca was for me this summer. It’s safe to say that I love my boss!

  33. I interned for Aetna Insurance for the Summer of 2015 as an incoming junior. I was located at their Headquarters in Hartford, Connecticut and I had never been to the East Coast before. As soon as I received the internship, I was immediately contacted by my boss, Brenda Ward, to assist me in my transition to living on the East Coast for the summer. Brenda worked remotely, but it always seemed to me that she stayed involved all throughout my internship and was readily available for any questions I had. In addition to my Third Party Risk Governance (Cyber Security) I was put in charge of hosting a 200 person Cyber Security Summit in just less than three months. Brenda was willing to teach me the additional IT sectors of Aetna Insurance beyond the one I was assigned and was always up to giving me a challenge. Overall, she was an incredible mentor that pushed me to learn and grow well beyond my summer internship and I was able to secure a part time job beyond the internship, working remotely throughout my junior year.

  34. This last summer, I worked at Quizlyse in Barcelona, Spain. I was extremely nervous working at a start-up company abroad, and I expected to be given zero responsibility and assigned monotonous work. Quite the contrary occurred! my boss and I talked for hours about the company, got to know each other, discussed our own cultures, and talked about the internship responsibilities I would wanted in their company. He ended up giving me access to their quiz database so I could do exactly what I wanted to do as a career: database extraction and data analytics! MY boss and I discussed the ideas of what data he wanted analyzed, and I would figure out how to extract and analyze it. Any time I needed him, he would help me out. He was extremely busy but always seemed to have at least some time for me. He encouraged me to do my best, but always let me have all the flexibility I needed as well. We both learned from each other, especially because of the language difference, and I was very honored to have worked with him in his company. Because of this internship I am looking forward to my career field and I am considering double majoring in Entrepreneurship because of my experience in a start-up environment. At the end of the summer I was extremely sad to leave the company I had grown to love, but overall I was very happy to make the acquaintance of my boss and fellow Quizlyse employees.

  35. This past summer I interned with MGM Resorts International at MGM Grand in the Hotel operations department. I was very nervous leaving Arizona for the first time, and joining such a large company not knowing anyone. Fortunately, my transition into the company and department was extremely smooth as my advisor Brenda Mendez welcomed me. I spent the 10 weeks, shadowing and working with different departments within hotel operations at MGM Grand and other properties. Brenda was supportive and helpful in making each one of my experiences as meaningful as possible. She set me up for success throughout the summer and I felt extremely fortunate to be given a resource for any assistance throughout the program. Brenda regularly provided me feedback on my work, and communicated with all departments on my progress throughout the internship. It is the people who made my experience at MGM Resorts one I will never forget and I couldn’t have done it without my advisor Brenda.

  36. This summer I had an amazing experience interning at Havas PR Phoenix. All 3 of my supervisors, Stephanie, Katie, and Angela, were extremely supportive and took genuine interest in my professional development. They treated me like I was a member of their junior staff and delegated major client work to me. I was able to write press releases, pitch client stories, design the display for a TV segment, and every PR professional’s favorite task, post media alerts! But the best part of my internship was the fact that they kept the line of communication open. I never felt like I couldn’t ask for help and they always gave me straightforward answers about Havas PR, the PR industry, and the business world in general. I am so grateful that I was able to work in the Phoenix office with them because I learned about so much more than just PR!

  37. This summer I had the opportunity to intern for Intel Corporation in Northern California. Benjamin Carter was an extraordinary manager for the 14 weeks that I was there and is also an incredible human being.

    Observing Ben, I learned so much of what it is to be an exceptional leader. Ben has nearly a dozen employees reporting to him and is continuously dealing with crisis situations. Never was I aware of the pressure Ben was under because when he was with me, he would give me his undivided attention and make me feel as if I were the priority. Ben always pushed me to think creatively and take all variables into account when creating a solution. He would give me the resources to shape my solution, but would allow me to find the solution on my own.

    Above all, Ben was a great mentor. I am grateful for our weekly one-on-one meetings which allowed for several heart to heart conversations. Ben gave me the feedback and guidance to develop professionally, and encouraged me to pursue my dreams whether they be in our department in Intel, elsewhere within Intel, or outside of Intel. Ben is the best boss I have ever had.

  38. This summer, I had the opportunity to work as an IT intern at USAA. I had such an amazing experience, because everyone on the team was very willing to help me understand many of the concepts that I was unfamiliar with. I came into the workplace with limited knowledge of virtualization and server management, but was able to quickly learn with the help of others on the team. My manager, Chris Giddens, checked in frequently to see if I was enjoying the internship experience, and gave me projects that would motivate me to learn. The weekly one-on-one meetings were great ways to receive feedback and advice. Chris established a great example by keeping the entire team updated. I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to work with USAA during the summer, and am grateful for all that I have learned! I truly had one of the best summers that I ever had, thanks to this internship.

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