Student Spotlight: Samson Meyer- Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems

Eller PDC Coordinator Student Stories

Samson Meyer is a Finance major who interned with Northrop Grumman Aerospace systems in San Diego last summer.

Samson MeyerWhat has been your favorite part of the internship so far?

My favorite part of the internship was getting the chance to see and work with some of the most advanced unmanned aerospace systems in the world. Even through I was a business intern, not a technical intern, it was still amazing to have a sense that my work was contributing to the security of the U.S. and its allies during such a turbulent time in history.

What advice do you have for other interns?

Be persistent and keep applying, the right internship will come along eventually. I faced a lot of rejection at the beginning of my junior year when I began applying for internships. After months of interviews and career fairs, I finally got through with Northrop and received an offer in March. Don’t be afraid to say no to an internship if it doesn’t feel right for you. I held out until Northrop came along, and I am so happy that I did. I got to work in an industry that I am extremely interested in and hope to return after graduation.

How has Eller prepared you for your internship? 

Eller prepared me extremely well in the area of business communication. I felt completely comfortable sending emails, making phone calls, and hosting meetings in a professional manner. At the end of my internship, I was given the opportunity to present my accomplishments to my managers and company executives, which made me thankful for the hours of public speaking practice during BCOM.