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Throughout winter break students will be participating in externships in their home town — will you be one of them?

externshipsAn externship is different from an internship. An externship is a shadowing experience, not a job. However, externships can lead to internships.

Students do not receive academic credit or pay for externships.

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Deadline to apply is 5 pm on Monday, November 30th.

What past externs had to say:

“The externship was an amazing experience and overall a great glimpse at how a social media site handles it’s employees on a day to day basis. The main thing that I learned from all the people that I spoke with at Facebook is that everyone’s journey to a certain career is going to be different. Every person I spoke with that day had different paths to their positions as well as different majors/previous experience.” – Matthew Jarvis, Facebook Externship

“Throughout the day,  I attended a variety of meetings involving the resort’s Accounting Department, management, and executive board members.  I observed the Director’s role and examined specific reports pertaining to each meeting. I was also exposed to multiple departments within the resort and the directors involvement within each department.” – Jessica Hosek, JW Marriot Externship

“Instead of learning about one or two specific topics, I was able to learn about many different topics that are necessary for Entrepreneurs. A successful entrepreneur has to be willing to do anything and cannot be above anything, even taking out the trash. An entrepreneur must be able to understand marketing, operations, and finance all simultaneously, and I was able to get a taste of each part during the day. I also loved learning more about the “real” Shark Tank experience, which is much more intensive and laborious than what is seen on Television.” – John Jackson, Bottle Breacher Externship