Harvard’s Intercollegiate Business Conference

Eller PDC Coordinator Student Stories

By: Natalie Scibilia

Natalie ScibiliaI was unbelievably nervous last week before leaving for the Intercollegiate Business Conference hosted by Harvard because I really didn’t know what to expect. Although the keynote speakers—Jeanne Jackson (NIKE President of Product and Merchandising), Phyllis Yale (Senior Partner at Bain & Company), and Rosalind Brewer (Sam’s Club CEO)—were announced before the conference, I had no idea whether I would be able to talk to these powerful women directly, or whether they would even have something applicable to say to me, a native Tucsonan just admitted to Eller with few “industry connections.”

While in fact, I did not rub elbows, so to speak, with the three, I did learn about the many opportunities in consulting and how to prepare for them. I had in-depth practice for case interviews, I picked up tactics on turning internships into full-time offers, and I met with recruiters from top financial and advisory firms.

But my IBC experience extended far beyond the structured breakout sessions and speeches from corporate superstars. Navigating Boston by the “T” (the public train) and attending brunch at the Harvard Club, a venue I never considered gaining entrance to, were empowering. The purpose of the convention is to build a network of empowered women pursuing careers in business. With every talk, workshop, and social event, I felt that this was exactly what I was doing, and Eller gave me the opportunity to do so.