Student Spotlight- Yanelly Nunez, Wells Fargo

Eller PDC Coordinator Student Stories

Yanelly Nunez is a finance senior who interned with Wells Fargo in Phoenix this summer.
Yanelly NunezWhat are some things you learned?

Interning for Wells Fargo enabled me to learn quite a few things about the corporate world. Most importantly, I quickly had to understand that even when you join the workforce you are still constantly learning. On various occasions, my boss would tell me that at Wells Fargo, they hire on personality and on what you bring to a team in regards to character because the technical skills can be taught to anyone, yet having integrity and being personable cannot.

I also came to understand how team oriented the corporate world is. The ability to work efficiently with a team is essential. Whenever there were projects or tasks assigned, you were expected to provide qualitative and quantitative contributions to the team.

What advice do you have for other interns?

My biggest piece of advice for other interns would be to really take the time to get familiar with Microsoft Office, specifically Excel.
There was not one day where I was not required to use Excel throughout my internship. Not only will tasks and projects be less stressful, but your boss will also be extremely impressed. Before my internship, I took advantage of an Excel workshop offered through Eller and took time to really understand how to use Excel. As a result, I would have colleagues come to me for help with Excel, allowing me to stand out in the office. If everyone took the same initiative, I’m positive the outcome would be the same for them.

How did Eller prepare you for your internship?
Eller has definitely prepared me well for my internship through various ways. Firstly, I wouldn’t have been aware of the internship if it weren’t for the Job Blast emails, so I would recommend to everyone to always look out for those. Secondly, my Business Communication course definitely enabled me to stand out in my office when I was required to make presentations and send various memos to other executives. Lastly, Eller has done a great job of instilling the importance of integrity and initiative, which are two things that are absolutely essential in the workforce.