Student Spotlight- Bryce Schuler, Nestlé USA

Eller PDC Coordinator Student Stories

Bryce Schuler is a Business Economics and Entrepreneurship senior who interned with Nestlé USA in Glendale, CA this summer.

unnamedWhat was a typical day at your internship like?

I interned for ten weeks with Finance in the Strategic Pricing department for Nestlé USA Located in Glendale, CA (just north of LA).

Each day I would arrive early to use the gym, so that I would make it to my desk at 8:00AM. After greeting the team I worked with, I would check my emails and calendar to see if I had any appointments later on. I would spend most of the morning in MS Excel building a pricing model that would be my intern project deliverable. By later morning, I would meet with my manager and discuss the Excel pricing model and he would offer feedback for what I should alter. After lunch, I would typically have a meet & greet with someone around the company in a non-finance capacity, I did this to build my network and learn about different rolls in the CPG industry. Towards the end of the day, I would be back in Excel working on the model until the office cleared out around 5:00PM.

What advice do you have for other interns?

I believe that asking questions in the work world is much more important than it is in school. Never be afraid to ask any question, even those that seem stupid. In Nestlé Finance, everyone asked a lot of clarifying questions about the specific expectations of projects or the particular way certain metrics are calculated. Unlike lectures and homework assignments in school, work tasks are often vague and not specific so it’s up to you to get all the clarity you need before starting a project.

How did Eller prepare you for your internship?

Eller’s business communication class really helped set me apart from other interns on our final presentation day. I believe the training we receive in that class is excellent preparation for business presentations in the real world. In addition to this, I found the knowledge gained in the managerial accounting course to be especially useful. Whether you’re heading into a finance internship or otherwise, reviewing some of the key equations from that class would be beneficial.