Student Spotlight- Romina Ceceña, Teach for America

Eller PDC Coordinator Student Stories

Romina Ceceña is a marketing major and global business minor graduating this December who interned for Teach For America in Phoenix this summer.

Romina Cecena

What was a typical day at your internship like?

That’s what I loved most about it. Every single day was very different from one another. I was part of the team that was in charge of how the whole event ran from beginning to end, so every day would range from doing something extremely vital, to doing little, unimportant tasks. Overall, my typical day started mostly when the teachers got back from their school site. Troubles were communicated to me, and I had to resolve them right away. Since I was in the Communication Department, I spent a couple hours a day working on TFA’s weekly newsletter, IGNITE, as well as social media and other communications.

What was your favorite part of the internship?

My favorite part about being an Operations Coordinator for Teach For America has been being able to see how, in such short time period, a space was built. We welcomed over 500 teachers-to-be as they become prepared to make a difference. I was amazed on how organized all the logistics were and felt well prepare at the end of the training. The operations team was from all over the nation, with a wide variety of diversity and skills, making it a great team to work with. I truly believe in TFA’s mission, and you can see that in each person that is involved with the mission. I enjoyed working for a company that truly cares about a critical issue and works towards the solution every minute of it.

What are some things you learned?

I learned that Teach For America is a corporation that not only focuses on its employee’s professional development, but also personal development. During the first day of training, they asked us to write down our goals for the summer – both professional and personal. Each week, we would have a one-on-one with our manager, where we received feedback on how we were doing, where we can improve on, and were specifically checked on if we were also working on our personal goals. They are also very greatly focused on promoting diversity everywhere, which you don’t see often inside companies. They had special meetings called “Infinity Groups” that were created to provide an open space for each diversity group to talk about current topics and issues and have a intellectual discussion about it. Overall, this summer was an amazing, unique experience that I wish to recommend to everyone.