NYC Wall Street Trip- Jessie Roberts

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In October, the Investments Club visited alumni in NYC to help juniors secure highly coveted internships at banks on Wall Street. This is the second of two posts highlighting the trip. 

Written by: Jessica Roberts, a junior majoring in Finance

The Investments Club IMG_0314New York trip is an opportunity for students who are interested in pursing a career on Wall Street. Wall Street banks only recruit from “target schools”, most of which are Ivy Leagues, so it is necessary to go to them if you are interested. We travel to New York and meet with alumni and other connections of the University of Arizona at various banks across The Street within different areas, such as Sales and Trading or Investment Banking. By networking and creating relationships with different banks, this creates a great opportunity to apply for internships and full time positions at these firms and have a much higher chance of receiving an interview and ultimately an offer. The banks and firms we met with are Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Deutsche Bank, UBS, Credit Suisse, Perella Wienberg, Clearbrook, and Bloomberg. We have alumni and other connections at all of these banks and were able to receive tours, hear from individuals in various roles at the firm, and learn first-hand what these particular banks look for in candidates for Wall Street jobs. At each bank we had the oportunity to have conversations and ask questions to employees of the banks, which really helps our University of Arizona students set themselves apart from other candidates. When pursuing a career on Wall Street, networking is one of the most important things you can do because these banks will get thousands of applications for their internship and full time positions.

This September I received an internship offer from UBS in their securities division doing Sales and Trading in New York City. While I was on the trip, I was able to meet with the firm to network further and do several desk shadows to help me decide what area within the securities I am interested in, such as equities, credit, FX, etc.

I learned so much from taking advantage of this opportunity. It was really eye opening to hear from banks about what they are actually looking for in candidates for their internships. They had really great advice for us, especially for coming from a non-target school about not being afraid to be aggressive and if you really want this you need to convey your passion to every single person you meet. One of the greatest things this trip did was create an entire new circle of networks. The people we met with were incredibly nice. They understand how hard it is to make it out to Wall Street, so they are willing to do absolutely anything they can to help each one of us on the trip be successful and receive an offer.

The greatest advice I have for students who are interested in pursuing a career on Wall Street would be to, first, utilize the resources that Eller has to offer. Jeff Welter, a career coach in the Professional Development Center, has created an amazing program here within Eller along with all of the students who are on Wall Street right now or even just interned, planning to go full time after graduation. Students are able to take a course called Wall Street Development that is offered in the spring, and they can attend the Investments Club. They can apply for the Wall Street Scholars program or speak to any upper division student that has experience, who would be more than willing to sit down and help them out in any way. You have to be extremely passionate, dedicated, and willing to make opportunities for yourself because they are not simply offered for students at UA, but in my opinion, it’s one of the most fun and rewarding career paths anyone can pursue.