Student Spotlight- Nick Palomares,

Eller PDC Coordinator Student Stories

Nick Palomares is a Business Economics & Business Management senior who interned with in Hebron, KY this summer.

unnamedTell us a little bit about how you landed the internship:

Last fall, when I started my junior year, I knew that it was time to start looking for an internship. I applied to a bunch of companies that I found interesting, but they were slow in response. Soon after, I got an email from the PDC with a list of internships and their deadlines. Amazon’s Operations Leadership Internship was on the list, and the deadline was that night at midnight. I figured I would go for it, and sent the recruiter my resume. The rest is history!

What was a typical day at your internship like?

A typical day at the internship focused on process management and leadership. I worked with the inbound team which was in charge of 5 departments and 100+ daily associates. Our goal was to run an effective and efficient inbound process. That meant keeping an eye on each department’s process flow, making adjustments when bottlenecks occurred, and providing coaching to associates who were having troubles or facing obstacles. In addition, I focused on a process improvement project within the Customer Returns department. Although I was just an intern, they gave me the same responsibilities as a full time inbound manager. It was daunting at first, but once I started to understand everything it was awesome feeling like a member of the team, not just an intern.

What advice do you have for other interns?

When you go into an internship be a sponge for knowledge and ask a ton of questions. One of the Sr. Managers at Amazon told me something very simple but very true. Every time you ask a question, you learn something new and improve yourself. No matter how childish or sophisticated you think the question is, the outcome is the same, you learn something. Most summer internships are only 8-12 weeks and that time flies by fast. To get the most value out of your experience, don’t be shy and ask a ton of questions!